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  1. Midsman1

    S/SGT and S/I

    Think it's more name than anything else mate, they'll still be doing the same as before in terms of the role, but they are changing the application process and making it more formal etc, it's aligning to others forces such as the Met etc.
  2. Midsman1

    I've been accepted!

    Congratulations to you all, you've joined the rest of us mad lot!!!! ;-)
  3. Midsman1

    Quick bit of advice

    I probably would have to disagree with Tony on this, I find the whole city centre policing night time economy thing loathsome and taxing, I also find that for some reason NPT Sgts think we would love nothing more than standing in the middle of town for 8 hours dealing with people who can't look after themselves exciting! However if you're looking at a change and there is nothing BTP can offer you then it's worth looking at further!
  4. Midsman1

    Questions about recruitment

    Is that first paragraph sarcasm buddy? Lol That's the point though if you can't complete the form in the given time range then return it then surely you're not that interested in joining! Danny B makes a good point they need to ensure they are pulling through the correct people and not simply signing up anyone who responds, be nice to see some long term candidates aswell instead of the 12 month wonders! Am I right in thinking majority f these will I to safer travel or have I misread that? That's a shame if so in my opinion. I'm sure when I've heard of it the other way around they've not redone training, cold be wrong but I'd call recruitment. How would you have been commuting to West Mercia, where would you have been working? It might not be a bad thing to continue through he process with them at this point if you're a fair way through the process. It's a new challenge and that's not a bad thing at all
  5. Midsman1

    S/SGT and S/I

    Wow that's nicely put! We have been "dished" out as you put it in the past but things change, we work on a team who yes mainly work weekends because we all have jobs and frankly lives to lead. We however are very busy covering a large area on our own shift pattern where we work as a CAPT team, we report to the sector inspector and undertake work on behalf of the NPT Sgt's. oh and yes you might find us getting refs at some point but we often come in straight from work after doing a full day so I think that's permitted.
  6. Midsman1

    Avoiding working with certain officers

    I've become more mindful of certain regs over the years mainly due to attitudes, the shift I started with when I joined back in 07 have as is normal moved on and I still catch up with them on jobs etc but i primarily work with other specials on a team with a dedicated shift pattern reporting to specific sgts and an inspector with tasking's and that works for me. Don't get me wrong either, there are many specials I wouldn't want to be anywhere near, they tend to be the ones that only book on when there is free food and a nice walk involved, they're utterly useless at fishing me out of ponds in the middle of the night after a fit chase, isn't that right Seadog ;-)
  7. Midsman1

    Questions about recruitment

    Think perhaps I was not clear enough in my post, I was not suggesting people who have been sidelined and joined the specials should be made to jump hoop after hoop again I was saying that those who were told to join the specials in the between time and didn't, don't have a right to just pick up where it was stopped. There will be some reapplying as all previous vetting will be required again to ensure their not now a master criminal. I can't recall which forces but some have advised they will be paying the higher rate for those that were SC's.
  8. Midsman1

    New PC vests

    I'm assuming that you won't get away with wearing a black cover if you're on response/NPT the whole point is that they are visible it's the chiefs vision! So I'd imagine even if your PO trained you're not going to get away with it that easily.
  9. Midsman1

    Questions about recruitment

    In fairness hasn't anyone who applied for the regs already had the opportunity to apply for the specials whilst the big freeze was on? We had two applicants join whilst they waited for a start date and both have come and gone, one having to "resign" due to issues surrounding his ability to do what he was told which will make any regs application fruitless when they ask internally and the other quit in the end. I think it's only right people reapply its been 4 years in some instances and a great deal can happen in that time frame and they're now in a position where they can be as picky as they like even for volunteers!
  10. I can only imagine how difficult it can be policing in Northern Ireland, the daiy threat to our colleagues there is very real.
  11. Midsman1

    Which vehicle do you prefer?

    That pic appears to have been taken inside the yard?
  12. Midsman1

    Chief Officer Group

    Yes but for the sake of it that person would be sworn in as a special id imagine! They also have the relevant leadership abilities to do the job!
  13. Midsman1

    Remit of Specials

    We were realigned to CAPT with the implantation of CI. For us it's been okay mostly and it's enabled us to make new contacts and allowed us to do some slightly different work. We work to the shift pattern of the CAPT team we work with as much as possible but some days they are on earlies and we end up doing lates etc. On those occasions when the CAPT Sgt is not in we have other supervision we work with so our SO will liaise and we will do targeted work in areas that assist NPT Sgts on their respective patches. We work as a team of SC's with our own Supervision so we will do our own briefings and work thorough tasking to see what's appropriate for us to be looking at that shift. And then get out on the streets.
  14. Midsman1

    Chief Officer Group

    I haven't checked the role profile not overly bothered, however I can't see how anyone who is not an SC or Police can really be involved as the chief officer more importantly why they would want too! I assume JH is in reference to this Special from Dudley who has had to quit? I understand he thought he might be in with a chance but was informed there was no hope and frankly has no opportunity to come back as a civvy chief if he can't be trusted with a twitter account lol!
  15. Midsman1

    Chief Officer Group

    You'd still have to be a special to apply not a civvy, think its fair to say he won't be back!