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    The Dark Satanic Mills
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    Pink, glittery, fluffy things, shoes, Thorntons Chocolates (oooo yes) Working as a PC for West Yorkshire Police, Huddersfield Town Football Club, drinking booze, kickboxing, shopping (when I've been paid), being with nice people...and snogging Stuart...x x x x
    I also like visiting my lovely friends in London who make me laugh and get me very drunk.

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  1. Pinky

    Road Policing Units

    Black Rat, I would love to go out with Traffic - I have asked on several occassions and got nowhere.........!!!!!
  2. HooT

    oh where oh where is our pinky!!

  3. Oooooo to be a terrier, Oooooo to be a jetsetter Oooooo to be aye

  4. Pinky


    I was talking to a neer'do well the other day who was giving it all the "Er, yeah, I wouldn't mind joining the Police, like" He was covered in tattoos. I said "Oh, ever been in trouble with the Police, been sent down or anything?" "Er, no. Never. Honest!" The fact that he clearly had 'The Saint' logo on his bicep, 'cut here' and a dotted line around both his wrists and "Borstal Boys '74" on his forarm - all done with as needle and Indian Ink and mostly spelt wrong, somehow made me have my suspicions about his honesty and intergreity!
  5. Pinky

    Chilled, relaxed and happy

    Still living in our expensive hovel.....not enough room to swing a cat and not enough time to keep it clean. Just waiting for solicitors and landowners to pull their bloody fingers out and give us a completion date. We have our eye on a house in my old village but I try not to get too excited as these things take time......it is frustrating to be stuck in this little house and it's costing us a fortune with rent and the mortgage on the other place. Ah well, these things are sent to try us, she said through gritted teeth.
  6. Pinky

    Locker Room of Lurrvee

    I can't remember what I put the first time we did this............. How about "Slag seeks bloke of similar outlook"?
  7. Pinky

    An Independent Woman

    I know - I wasn't entirely happy with the situation to be honest. But I kept more than a safe distance and actually spoke to both Train Drivers at the time who had been told we were there and were on a go-slow at the time. Unfortuantly you find yourself in these positions sometimes and H&S tends to go slightly out of the window....in an ideal world etc etc.........obviously I was looking out for my colleague and myself as best I could but I was concerntrating on finding the suicidal male before he chucked himself under a train..........
  8. 1. Response Driving is usually a 3 week course that REGULAR POLICE OFFICERS can take after passing their initial probation period and then usually after a wait for a course. This differs from force to force. 2. In my force, PCSO's work exclusively with Neighbourhood Policing Teams and are either out on foot patrol with a regular, with another PCSO or when it's later on at night, in a van with the Regulars. As I understand it in my force, there are no plans for them to have driving permits or access to a car. A PCSO gave a talk at the last training day I went to, explaining what their role is and how they can be of assistance and at the end he trailed off into a bit of a moan about how they could work better if they had a car but there were no plans for them to get one. I have seen PCSO's in cars in The Met, patrolling the parks. So some forces allow it, some don't. 3. Specials can have van or car permits and it is usually an 'A-B' permit...i.e: for getting from A to B. It is not response driving. When I took my permit I was told in no uncertain terms that I should NOT use the sirens and blue lights, and that I was not to pull anybody over or chase or follow vehicles.However, there is always the odd tosser who thinks they are above this and flies about with the blues and twos on.....I know this has happened a few times in West Yorkshire. I recently heard of one such numpty who got caught doing just that, why he is still in the Specials I don't know, if there was any justice he'd have been kicked out as it's straight up stupidity. So if anybody has access to a Police vehicle, be they PCSO or Special, and they are told explicitly not to touch the blues and twos, there is always the risk that the temptation will be too much and they will use them.........there is always one that screws it up for everyone else. Yes it's annoying when you know that they shouldn't be used but it's just one of those things. My advice is, if you know who they are and that they shouldn't be using them, GRASS THEM UP.
  9. Pinky


    Honestly? ACAB = All Coppers are B**tards. Not right nice.
  10. Pinky

    Introducing New Members

    I love Hello Kitty - at the moment I am sporting a Hello Kitty belly button bar!
  11. Pinky

    Introducing New Members

    Hi Jodie.....hello, good evening and welcome.
  12. Pinky

    At the end of the runway....

    Oooo I hadn't thought about the curtains...!!! I will have to develop a mood board.
  13. Pinky

    Introducing New Members