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Indiana Jones

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  1. Indiana Jones

    L2 Training, The do's and do not's

    DO make sure you're physically fitter than the 6.3 basic requirement. DO be thick skinned. DON'T expect the serial sergeants or guvnor to know what they're doing. and for that reason, DO expect to run to every objective when you could be moving to them at the walk (see point 1).
  2. I assume the Law Society will also hold some sort of disciplinary?
  3. Indiana Jones

    Special Sergeants Exam

    We tried that and it failed miserably. The regs didn't have time or weren't even aware that they were responsible for looking after us. They'd move from posting to posting, there'd be no continuity, and they just didn't get the volunteering mentality. It was a shambles. SCs left, there was no plan to get numbers back up. It genuinely felt like they were trying to run the Special Constabulary into nothingness. Now, operationally, an SC reports to whichever PS is on at the time. For anything else, it's the SC line manager.
  4. Indiana Jones

    Special Sergeants Exam

    Who'd look after SCs then?
  5. Indiana Jones

    Special Sergeants Exam

    Why would you want to sit a PACE exam and then not perform any of the tasks under PACE? Just get your SCs to call you Brad and tell the regs you're the "Specials Supervisor for X", if you have a problem with the term Special Sergeant. We used to have an exam for the S/Sgt role. It was just a legal knowledge check at the same level as those leaving Training School. The idea was that if you were looking after others then it was worth ensuring that you were still up to scratch with your own knowledge.
  6. Indiana Jones

    Inhouse security officer

    No. In this respect he's no different than any other MoP without a licence. But you've not stated if his 'help' equates to licensable conduct or not.
  7. Indiana Jones

    Passive Trespasser

    Common law remedy.
  8. Indiana Jones

    Passive Trespasser

    1. Yes, reasonable force by the homeowner to remove the trespasser. 2. You have to be careful to not start acting as the agent of the homeowner. If you do then you're likely not going to be acting in the exercise of your duty. You'd have to consider objectively if a breach of the peace may occur. 3. What are the options for the householder dealing whilst you observe?
  9. Indiana Jones

    Tax question with reimbursements?

    You should receive mileage from your force at a set rate. Up to 45p per mile is untaxable up to a set number of miles per year, but I think this is all miles so would encompass any other business miles you do outside of being an SC.
  10. Indiana Jones

    Bottle of liquid found in street

    To reply to you in your own terms, "you may just have gotten a doughnut fine". If I called out the brigade every time I came across a container of unidentified liquid I'd soon get a name for myself.
  11. Indiana Jones

    Bottle of liquid found in street

    It of interest marcx99, what would YOU do?
  12. Indiana Jones

    Man killed within the walls of York.

    No. It's an offence at common law to murder someone.
  13. Indiana Jones

    Police officer shoplifting

  14. Indiana Jones

    Police officer shoplifting

    Ask for more details.