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  1. Major

    Paying Specials

    I came across the following in regards to Grampian Police: http://www.grampianpolicecareers.co.uk/dow...ition_award.pdf Might be useful to you LV, might not be.
  2. Major

    Quad bikes

    I've been informed by a Justice I know why the Police can't do nothing for the previous post I made. The local council are trying to get a byelaw passed so that off road vehicles on open spaces and beaches is illegal. Therefore allow Police to act. As all they can really do is ask them to go but they don't have to. The Road Traffic Act says 'vehicles constructed or adapted for use on the public highway' Therefore this creates problems for the Police.
  3. Major

    Getting sworn in!

    A right. So what you do with traffic then? Is this your main interest, so to speak?
  4. Major

    Getting sworn in!

    I'm not a SC yet. So how has your days as a SC been so far?
  5. Major

    Getting sworn in!

    Hi there, great to have another SC from Strathclyde! So how long you been a SC?
  6. Major

    Getting sworn in!

    Has anybody got a clue as to the situation for the swearing in of Specials? Is it now wide spread, a very informal event? Do Specials the same as the regulars get a Certificate to say they hold the office of Special Constable? Or has this been done away? It's just my reading of these history books mention certificates from Strathclyde Police were issued to all there Constables inc the specials. Thanks
  7. Major


    Thanks MartinC
  8. Major


  9. Major


    I think I've cracked this one for myself, however tell me if I'm wrong! Section 294 Criminal Procedure Scotland Act, 1995. An attempt to commit any crime or offence is itself a crime or offence. So I take it that the person going for the door would be done for S294? I also assume this carrys a common law power of arrest? Cheers
  10. Major


    If sombody carrys an item behond the tills of a supermarket and heads for the door. Does he/she commit theft by shop lifiting, even though he/she is not out the main door? Would it be attempted theft by shop lifting? Sombody able to clarify? Thanks.
  11. Major

    Quad bikes

    Thanks David
  12. Major

    Quad bikes

    We're still having problems with Quad bikes driving up a cycle track , over a football pitch fir the weans, up the street and on a grass verge by the road in a housing scheme. I've spoken to a local countryside ranger who says there is nothing they can do for the football pitch as there would need to be Bye laws in place for the Police. Also they can do it as there is some sort of loop in the RT Act. I've been told on here there is not, so I'll ask again is there? The driving on verges it's whithin some sort of yards from a road to park or something he says, so Police are powerless. I've already got one for assult with there antics on the cycle/ped footpath. I assume the RT Act is the same as for Scotland so can anybody give me advice as it is annoying. The above also applys to these dirt bikes. For a Scottish PC/SC If on the football pitch going up and down round and the noise of it is load. Could the driver be nicked for breach due to causing annoyance to people like me? Thanks.
  13. Major


    # Scottish Society Prevention Cruetly to Animals same as RSPCA, I think. Today I returned home to see a SSPCA van at my house. They talked to me about the care of my gundogs, which is a laugh. They wanted a wee quick look, in which I said no why should I. These people do they have any powers? I