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    i like a wide variety of music including the new stuff! i like music with lyrics that mean something! i love good films with good story lines! i like to be taken out and made to feel special but i like to stay in aswell. i love to chat and i like chocolate too! waiting to hear if i have been accepted! i hate waiting!
  1. klr36

    Restricted Occupations

    Well I've just been shortlisted as a Trainee Ambulance Technician, have the joys now of just waiting for a date for the Assessment Centre.... I know that as long as I have the permission I'll be able to carry on with the valuable work that I do as a Special...so needless to say I have everything crossed. i think it is dependant on the area and force you work for. i work for ambulance control and was an EMD when i joined the Specials and my boss and Lincolnshire Police were fine with this but if i went on the road as a technician or student paramedic it is a definate conflict of interest as you may end up in a position where you have to arrest your own patient! at least that what i was told by a collegue who was a special for a long time and became a student paramedic and had to hang up her cuffs! i think alot of people forget the responsibility you get being a special. you are a special 24/7 - in and out of uniform as soon as you take the attestation, even stuff you do in your personal life could have a detrimental effect on being a special as we were told in our diversity training. i don't think it hit home till then how it effects all areas of your life. anyway enough waffling. hope this helps. to the person who applied for the EMD post:-I hope you got the job. Go to your boss and tell them what you are doing and get them to discreetly check up for you. My boss actually gave me a reference. for the person who has been excepted as a technician:- Well Done you! just check and make sure that it is ok with your force and your new boss. keep smiling!
  2. klr36

    Restricted Occupations

    <LI>Members of medical, nursing and midwifery professions, and Ambulance Service (unless written permission is given by their employing NHS Trust or Health Authority) i've just applied and awaiting occupational health appointment and i work for the ambulance service. i think you'll find it is if you are an officer in the service then you cannot join.