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  1. Giraffe

    'Reduce jihadists' sentences'

    Lol! I'm not completely liberal!
  2. Giraffe

    Medal ribbon bar

    When I was sent my medal ribbons it had a letter with them stating what Markdn had previously posted, that they could be worn on tunics, stab vests or fleeces. I don't think therefore it's fair to criticise those from forces that permit them to be worn in that way from doing so.
  3. Giraffe

    'Reduce jihadists' sentences'

    In my view they should be given the death penalty, not given a lesser sentence!
  4. How about an increase in UDT training first? Too many officers (both regular and Special) lack proficiency when dealing with conflict situations due to the long gaps between refresher sessions, as well as in some cases poor levels of fitness. There are plenty of situations that could be dealt with by good UDT practice that would reduce the number of instances where officers feel the need for taser. In some cases (for example where a knife is suddenly pulled), good UDT is the only option as the time it would take to draw a taser you would be too late to protect yourself. I have no moral objection to taser, but I think there are too many people on this forum who see taser as some sort of holy grail (which it isn't). I can see why officers complain if they don't feel adequately protected on duty, but there are far more effective ways of achieving that than just taser which should be explored as well.
  5. Giraffe


    Also even if you've already requested the ambulance via your radio, should you get stuck and want CPR/defib instructions to ensure you are doing it correctly you can always call 999 and we can guide you through it. As well as police officers I have given over the phone assistance to nurses and on one occasion a GP - there is no shame in asking for help.
  6. Giraffe

    City of London Police?!

    Yes they are genuine police (ie a proper Home Office force like every other force in England and Wales) - they are responsible for policing the square mile - the only part of London that the Met is not responsible for (although obviously the Met will go into the City and vice versa, but it's not part of the Metropolitan Police District and they won't be routinely sent on calls there). Also the CoLP wear red/white chequered flat caps as opposed to the black and white ones that the Met and other forces wear - sometimes people who aren't familiar with CoLP will take this to think that they are not a proper force like the Parks Constabularies or Market Police. CoLP are also the national lead when it comes to investigating financial crime, so sometimes you will see / hear of them executing warrants in different parts of the country well away from London.
  7. Giraffe

    House Share,Newquay

    Have you considered lodging? It is very cheap and saves you the hassle of having to sign a contract with someone you don't know, and if you find it's not what you expected after you move in you can always move out easily without having lots of loose ends to tie up. WIth lodging bills are often included in the rent too. The only downside to lodging is you are second fiddle to your landlord / lady as it's their property and you aren't equals like when you are flat/house sharing. I've heard lots of horror stories of people doing flat shares only to have their housemate do a runner leaving them with unpaid bills and rent liability. I would never share except for as a lodger.
  8. Scum. As for whether he'll actually be convicted of attempted murder, I shaln't be holding my breath. Wishing the brave officer a speedy and quick recovery also.
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  11. Giraffe

    Herald: Devon crime commissioner holds public meeting, one person turns up

    I'm in agreement with this. I took part (as an SC) in a local panel meeting a few years ago where just one person turned up. There was a neighbourhood PC, HATO, the Council and a couple more bodies (I forget which) and myself of course, all stood in front of rows of empty chairs and one bloke sat at the front in the middle. We gave it another 10 minutes and when it was clear that no one else was going to turn up we asked him what his concerns were. At our meetings we would normally have a vote on all the issues to identify what our top priority should be. His issue was a gate by his block of flats being insecure, allowing youths to get around the back. The gate was fixed a couple of days later. All of our panel meetings (including this one) were widely advertised in the local press, social media, and leaflet drops through people's doors. If people simply can't be bothered, then they can't really whinge if they think they aren't being listened to can they?!
  12. Giraffe

    Death of serving Special

    Obviously common sense applies when giving details on here - if it's in the public domain then fine, otherwise not. My thought's are with Shaun's family, friends and fellow officers at this time.
  13. I've amended the title accordingly. For a moment I wondered if my old uniform might be seeing service abroad!
  14. Giraffe

    Maintaining a certain conduct once in?

    Just use common sense. Don't do anything you wouldn't do in front of the Commissioner / Chief Constable, and make sure your security settings are upped on social media so that only those you know and trust can see what you get up to whilst off duty.
  15. Giraffe

    David Haines beheaded

    Clearly a horrid outcome, but sadly it was entirely predictable. I don't think the answer is more war though - giving weapons to various factions and so forth. All we (as in the west) are doing by continually dishing out weapons and taking part in bombing raids and so on is causing more problems for the future.