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  1. Having another baby? I have an alibi, wasn't me. :lol: Wow you have been busy, but busy in a good way. Glad its all going well honey. x

  2. Hello chuck. Long time no see. :-)

  3. Nothing wrong with Stoke. Nothing much right with it either, come to think of it.

  4. Stoke!? Never.

  5. When are we running away together to my secret retreat in Stoke?

  6. darkest

    Restricted Occupations

    I'm a care assistant.(NHS) I sent a letter from the agency i work for with my application. Didn't hear anything about it after that. And i'm now almost halfway through my training.
  7. Had a fab training session. Top bloke.

  8. A what with a what now? So I take it a kebab or a steak is out of the question then?

  9. Veggie burger?

  10. err while your feeling generous, any chance of a burger with that beer? :o)

  11. I dont agree with drinking. How about free chocolate? Actually i'm going to keep that for myself. You can have the beer if you so wish.

  12. Your karaoke comments stopped. You need to give away free beer or somat. lol.

  13. MWAHHH!!! Your soooo mean. going to cry now.

  14. Argh!!! Stop the singing! Only joking, you have a wonderful voice.