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  1. Late reply and possibly slightly off topic but had a transferee interview with Port of Dover very recently and just waiting for the resultI was really impressed with the organisation and how they all work together as a small team. This legislation change has definitely made it easier for them to own their own investigations without relying on Kent to assist them.
  2. Gallifrey

    Good News

    Well it was all going so well unfortunately started getting really bad side effects from the chemotherapy then a persistant cough before ending up being rushed to hospital on Sunday barely able to breathe and with a with a white blood cell count so low almost led to a fever. I've been in hospital since then on an IV drip of antibiotics and it transpires that I have a bad chest infection , 5% lung damage caused by a chemotherapy drug although this is reversible with steroid treatment and a very low white blood cell count. I'm hoping to be let out today and to top it all have the half pay question hanging over my head which is more stress I don't need at moment Still I will get through all this
  3. Gallifrey

    24 Hours in Police Custody

    Personally just think that shows the lack of morals they have.
  4. Gallifrey

    Good News

    Just another update I had an appointment with the Oncologist this week after having a persistant cough, he believes it might be the side effects of one of the chemotherapy drugs bleomycin, so I'm now coming off this and have to have a full battery of lung function tests and chest ct scans to make sure it hasn't damaged my lungs.
  5. Gallifrey

    Career Change

    Good luck with it all mate
  6. I tend to find those that get onto these type of schemes in the police are just able to come out with corporate buzzwords and manage to show in their evidence time in clique departments rather than at the sharp end, that's why I think its wrong and I cringe when I hear them speak about operational policing as they tend to have done no or very little operational police work.
  7. Gallifrey

    PS.com Fitness Thread

    The last discussion on here was nearly two months ago so you're two months too late
  8. He was on here as a member before wasn't he ?
  9. Gallifrey

    Good News

    Thanks TJ69 appreciate that x DaveSYP you're right is life changing I think of one person in particular who I felt really hurt by with their actions, but now the grudge and that hurt feels like it's gone, I'm just pleased that they're happy and getting on with their life
  10. Gallifrey

    Good News

    And the other thing is that after having this have realised that life is far too short to bear grudges against people you've fallen out with with, at the end of the day it's a shame to lose people as friends but you just have to move on sometimes.
  11. Gallifrey

    Good News

    Hey Toni am positive going to be back to full operational duties but going to be a long haul, the doctors think March or April, to be honest though having the Cancer wasn't as bad as the treatment, have never felt so constantly fatigued,nauseous and unable to function normally. I have gone from visiting the gym 5 or 6 times a week to be unable to go and can't eat properly at the moment either. Anyway have to look on the bright side that it's just me and no partner or wife to worry about me Dave
  12. I see stories like this and I have concerns that the officers promoted have very little actual experience of operational policing, the trouble is (and this is a generalisation as I don't know these two officers) is that experience in the police is what counts, I would suspect that they both frequently have to ask their DSs and DCs for advice, the point is why should their subordinates have to carry people due to a lack of operational policing knowledge?, respect is earned in the police and if people take the short or easy route people have long memories, and generally a complete lack of respect for those that are seen to have not earned their positions through hard work. That's my thoughts as a PC of 15 years service the majority of which has been spent on frontline uniformed teams, and just in case anyone asks am not yet a graduate but currently studying for a distance learning degree. I honestly feel that the degree has not helped with my operational police work, if anything the skills I have learnt from operational police work,have helped with my degree.
  13. Gallifrey

    Good News

    I wanted to share some good news with everyone on the forum have had two cycles of ABVD chemotherapy - 4 treatments and at an appointment with the cancer doctor today was told that the cancer has completely gone, and I am classed as being in metabolic remission, basically have another 4 months of chemotherapy and then it's done. To say I'm relieved would be a massive understatement
  14. Gallifrey

    Transfer to another force

    In which case if you don't get any joy with your local reps contact the Met federation at Bromley and see what they say
  15. Gallifrey


    I saw the headline on this and thought someone else on here had had some bad news for a minute mind you man flu is pretty serious :whistle2: