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  1. Hero_613

    Hampshire Police Cadets (What we do)

    We could do, but I find the cadet forum is so small in it's membership that there's very little point. Also nice to have a place to compare the other counties
  2. Hero_613

    Hampshire Police Cadets (What we do)

    Hey, shiny new member of the Three Rivers detachment of the Herts cadets. My first session (15th) consisted of: 1)Getting a lift from the instructor of the day, parents dont drive and I was lucky enough that he was able to swing on by, very grateful for him doing this. 2)Got to the school where we host the meetings, first had an update regarding the current terror threat, and given instructions to never show any insignia relating to police work in public (the rule was in place anyway, but people would sometimes walk in with a shirt on show etc) 3)Went outside and did drill practice, practised the very basics (turns basically) as half the attendees were either new or rusty when it came to doing these. 4)Had a bit of a chat, tied up any loose ends with forms, given quick instructions how to look after the uniform once we get it. Mine won't be much help as I'm pretty new, but I'd like to get some conversation going on the cadets forum so hey-ho.
  3. Hero_613

    Mistaken for Police Officers?

    Cheers Dave! Will do, I'm here to stay and I'd hope my colleagues are too.
  4. Hero_613

    Mistaken for Police Officers?

    In Herts we're being told to not show any uniform in public at all if it isnt on a vetted outting, we're having to remove epaulettes and ties and stuff hi-viz gear into a backpack on the way to cadets (if we're in dress uniform that is). We've been told that the big cheese has ordered this since the recent increased terror threat and increased chance of attack from extremists. To add to that, anything we do in public is having to be vetted a lot more now; quite depressing really lol.
  5. Great to hear, Mason's shipped him a mustard yellow pin and sent two blue pins to the PC's involved in the initial scuffle.
  6. So to sum it all up it was left unattended, security collared the owner and scanned/checked the bag, it looked suspicious and the passenger couldnt verify what was in the bag. Decent job basically.
  7. Hero_613

    National Police Force

    I'm not saying that managing the different needs are difficult for current forces, I'm saying it'd likely be a lot more difficult for a larger or a national force
  8. Hero_613

    National Police Force

    I think larger forces COULD possibly be a solution to the issues currently being faced, but the cons are really outweighing the pros. The public already is losing trust in the police, not because of their actions but because of their lack of funding- something evidently becoming a problem as time progresses. I'm sure nobody would be happy to lose the community specialised forces for the sake of seeing another bobby every now and then. Certain areas may work, one example being the home counties, as they are on the face of it very similar. However, even each individual county has different needs, one good example being hertfordshire (oh how convenient ). The county has an urban south west region with many connections to london, whereas the northern and eastern areas remain rather more rural. If a county's force has to juggle the vast array of it's own different needs, how's a national or multiple-county force going to fair?
  9. Coming from someone who's had experiences with my own autistic brother, it can be extremely difficult to get children and adults with autism to understand a situation. It was likely that the officers just grabbed him to have a chat and he took that as someone assaulting him and kicked off. If anything, we should be concerned over the fact that a family let out a severely autistic man on his own in a street without any form of identification on him. Whenever my brother goes to school he's got a large badge stating he's autistic and basically do's and don'ts, and even gives an emergency number to call. Frankly, something like that should've been on the bloke.
  10. Hero_613

    BBC: Woman 'beheaded' in Edmonton garden

    Gosh, that's pretty gruesome even for home. My feelings go out to the next of kin, and let's hope that the detectives were right about terrorist motives.
  11. Hero_613

    BBC- Solve crimes yourself, victims told

    Made cuts to police and surprised to see reduced quality of service? Some people nowadays make me worried severely...
  12. It's most certainly an issue for all the various reasons that other users have stated, but I feel the ISIS threat is dissimilar to terror threats in previous years as the UK (and of course NATO) can actually take action against it. We've heard talk of people's passports being seized if they're suspected of going to fight for ISIS, but there's been very little talk about if it's actually working, and the media seem to pent up on hyping up people who've been converted to extremist islam and cheated the system; easily slipping out of our fingers. The answer to ISIS right now really doesn't seem to be like it's going to be boots on the ground, but some action should surely be taken.
  13. Hero_613

    When will the cuts end?

    They won't stop until the tories are out in my opinion, they just love to slap cuts on anything and everything that they aren't involved with. They can't really blame the recession anymore, we've had boosts and frankly I'd like to have some of my time as a teenager free from listening about the recession. Odd thinking it all started 8 years ago.
  14. Hero_613

    Her Majesty would not be amused!

    True! I'm just sitting on the fence about it, because I'm not sure what to think
  15. Hero_613

    Her Majesty would not be amused!

    Title made it out a lot worse than it really was, pretty much just span around 3 times and gave the onlookers a thumbs up. I'm torn on it really, I get annoyed whenever the emergency services get put down for showing a form of human side, so really I should feel the same when armed forces do too.