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  1. Hull_9

    Her Majesty's Border Police

    In response to Prae - yes, I would imagine so, not that that would be a great loss as the SC is not the same organisation as I joined, and has been flooded with gung-ho youngsters who do thousands of hours just cos they think it will ge them a job in a couple of years, and are all in breach of EWTD, but are never challenged. As for Police Constable 1 - while your attitude stinks, and you clearly need to address your communication skills, I stand corrected on the Port Police thing. There have been no port Police in the north of England for over 20 years; BTP used to police the docks round here. As for, "Is it a good idea?" - it is a great idea, and will make us into a truly credible law enforcement agency. It will also bring us into line with international border security organisations, and no-one will be confused any more. We will be instantly identifiable, and will be able to deal with all the offences that take place on the dock area right in front of us, and that we can currently do nothing about. In the first instance all officers will be Detention at Ports trained, which gives us the power to detain people on behalf of the Police for offences for which they may be arrested by a Constable, and those wanted on warrant. Thereafter, powers will be enhanced and developed. It should also restore some discipline and respect to the organisation.
  2. Hull_9

    Her Majesty's Border Police

    Agreed... there's been a long-standing rumour (which originates from MOD plod officers) that MOD Plod may merge with UKBF. No - I have been around long enough to know what BTP is. Ports Police haven't existed for donkeys. I have been a special for nearly 11 years, and a Border Force Officer (and all the previous formats) for nearly 7. I wear full body armour, overtly; I carry rigid cuffs, and a friction lock baton. Sprays are not a wise concept for inside use... apart from PAVA, maybe at a push. I have only ever used cuffs in UKBF for transportation, as it is policy. It is very rare for people to have a go at us. That said, I have only used CS twice in 11 years, baton once, and never used PAVA. Communication is the best weapon/tool.
  3. Hull_9

    Her Majesty's Border Police

    "A little like..."How many reg 9s have you been served because of your terrible attitude? We are getting the new uniform in June and it is identical to my specials uniform. We get triple warrant training by 2014. It's been on the cards for some time, and finally it is happening.
  4. Hull_9

    Echo: Special Constable on phone when she collided with biker

    No. But you could still be driving without due care and attention.
  5. Well, folks, it looks like a new Police Force is being gestated by the government. The Borders Bill 2013 had its second airing in Parliament yesterday, in which it states that the Border Agency and Border Force will be renamed and re-established as Her Majesty's Border Police, given enhanced powers and a Police uniform. I imagine it will be a little like the BTP, with powers within ports areas and a limited radius of the port. There will be no requirement to tackle training to deal with certain offences, and at a guess officers will only be required to deal with wanted persons, public order situations, and other minor offences in addition to customs and immigration offences. Still exciting, interesting times...
  6. Hull_9

    Good news for specials?

    The trouble is you have to live in the Division you work. I worked D-Division - Hull - for 9 years and got... precisely nothing... because I lived in the East Riding. I believe those living and working D-Div have had this benefit for the last 5 or 6 years...
  7. Hull_9

    Working Time Regulations - Does it affect you?

    As has already been said, the only bit you can legally opt out of is the maximum hours in a working week. The 11 hours between shifts is very important. It's not just between Police shifts. Strictly speaking we should all have 11 hours between the last "shift" worked on our day job and our Police shift, and then another 11 hours before we start our next day job "shift". As a supervisor I enforce it, and say that if you are at work (real work) at 9am, you finish your Police shift at 10pm the night before at the latest. Similarly there should be 11 hours between specials shifts if you are working them back to back. We agree to waive enforcing 11 hours between the end of day job and start of Police shift, but really should force that issue too. But it would mean officers working significantly fewer hours. It has caused me a lot of grief. But at the end of the day, it is the law. If you had a car accident on your way home having worked an 8 hour shift at work, followed by an hour's break and then a 10 hour Police shift, followed by 3 hours sleep and then another 8 hour working day, and you killed or injured someone, you would be royally screwed. I have even heard of instances where insurance companies have refused to pay out because of blatant breaches of EWTD.
  8. Hull_9

    Wanted 125CC Bike

    I've got a Honda CBR 125 - great piece of kit. Had a CBF-125 before it. The CBR handles better, is faster and easier to ride, but less economical and more expensive. Will reiterate what everyone else is saying... don't buy Chinese!
  9. Hull_9

    Humberside in London

    Apparently all the outside forces are being given day to day IR jobs and the Met have been focusing on the Games...
  10. Hull_9

    The Lock Up

    I think these Police "infotainment" shows are disastrous for the Police... why they are allowed to go ahead I do not know. Public confidence in the Police in the country is low as it is, even amongst the law abiding and the wealthier (less crime affected) classes. While we accept that Police Officers are human beings, do occasionally have a laugh and a joke, and occasionally make mistakes, there are too many examples (not talking specifically about any force or program here) of mistakes being made - some of which could result in law suits after the event; mistakes in standard operating procedures (such as handcuffing); legal mistakes (including breaches of PACE); unprofessional behaviour; bad language. On these programs - because of the way the Police is perceived in the UK - Police Officers should be whiter than white. The thing is, in other countries there is respect for law enforcement officers and a certain degree of fear. Shove a cop in the States, and he can shoot you... with a 9mm round, not some poxy Tazer!!! There's no suspension or ridiculous, undermining IPCC enquiry. In France - where I lived for some time - shove a Gendarme and after being royally filled in, expect a hefty sentence and for the rest of your life, your employment and your family's lives to be ruined. Similarly, having worked with the Marachaussee and the FedPol (Belgium) they have similar responses. And this is among the many reasons why the instituion of the Police in these countries has respect. Individuals still need to earn respect, but the body of the Law Enforcer is respected as a group, and people do not mess with them.
  11. Hull_9

    Old photographs restored

    I've had two pieces of work done by David now... Both have been superb. He pays so much attention to detail and obviously takes pride in his end product. If you have a picture that needs a bit of a touch up, or (as in my case) some mould removing, or restoring to its original glory - or better... then contact this man... His rates won't be beaten either. Very very impressed. Thank you.
  12. Hull_9


    I'm looking for some gloves too - the issue ones just aren't warm or waterproof. However, from experience, I know they do protect you! Is there anything that offers slash/stick protection but is also warm and waterproof?
  13. Hull_9


    Are we talking vetting (as in basic personal checks) or security clearance? If the latter, there is a long backlog at present, as all security clearance is provided by a central Home Office unit. Even renewals are taking 25 working days to complete. So, I would imagine you will be waiting a heck of a lot longer with regard to a new clearance.
  14. Hull_9

    Long Service Medal

    Does anyone know - for definite - how long you have to serve before you get it, and if you have to apply for it yourself? I thought it was 10 years, but was told I should have had mine 2 years ago!! I have never had one... maybe cos no-one likes me... lol