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Pirate Pete

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  1. Pirate Pete

    Passport photos

    Yes, "police officer" in almost all uses includes special constables.
  2. Pirate Pete

    Bicycle Tyres

    Thanks for the replies, the chap has learning difficulties, was very shocked and paid the ticket as well as getting new tires straight away. The tires were down to the thread so they were due a replacement for his own safety but thanks for clarifying the ticket issue. I'm not sure where that leaves things (as he has already paid the fine) I'm certainly going to take a look at the paperwork he has and raise my concerns.
  3. Pirate Pete

    Bicycle Tyres

    Hello, My neighbour complained to me that he had been given a ticket for bald tyres on his bike (bicycle). I've done a few searches and I thought the tyre regulations applied to motor vehicles? Can someone set me straight? Pete
  4. Pirate Pete

    Arrest or VA

    Sorry lone wolf I disagree. Pace G gives two examples of when it may happen but is not exclusive. As Mersey suggests you're arguing semantics about investigation and prosecution. Also I find your suggestion that I should brush up a little rude and condescending.
  5. Pirate Pete

    Arrest or VA

    I disagree PACE G / S.24 (5) (f) says "(f) to prevent any prosecution for the offence from being hindered by the disappearance of the person in question" Hinder - make it difficult for (someone) to do something or for (something) to happen. If you cant interview him because he isn't where he says he is, I would say that a prosecution is hindered by disappearance. Edit: typo
  6. Pirate Pete

    What's that word?

  7. Pirate Pete

    What's that word?

    patrosending condescising
  8. Pirate Pete

    Guardian: 9 year old guns down 'instructor' at the range

    I think you are power tripping on being an expert / scout leader which is a worrying trait for a special. Every parent would agree "my child, my responsibility at all times, everywhere". If I send him out to sea in a force 9 with scouts, the scouts as an organisation have a responsibility as does the leader and so am I. I sent him out to sea in a force 9, I likely signed a form too saying "this is a dangerous activity...". Your argument about "how were they to know?", it is their job as a parent to know and if they didn't they are being irresponsible. Archery is more dangerous than shooting? You will have to share a source for that gem www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXSRvQlALMA
  9. Pirate Pete

    Guardian: 9 year old guns down 'instructor' at the range

    I wrote the topic title, so you agree a 9 year old with an Uzi is irresponsible? If so then why do you feel a gun is ok but an Uzi is not? Is there a point where shots per second becomes too much?
  10. Pirate Pete

    Guardian: 9 year old guns down 'instructor' at the range

    You've missed the point and taken it off on a tangent. I would also suggest you are being deliberately contentious. You said that a parent who allows a child to wield an Uzi is one that doesn't want to stand of their child enjoying a hobby they love. To which I replied with my sons crotch punching example. Allow me to explain. Parents are responsible for their child (not a guide as you put it), just because they want something (McDonalds every meal or to punch your house guests in the crotch) does not mean they get it. If my son wants to solo sky dive, scuba, compete in UFC or a million other very dangerous hobbies my answer will be no. I don't need to be an expert, I am not crushing his dream hobbies or being unsupportive, I'm just being a responsible parent. He doesn't have the appropriate life experience to understand risk (or really an appreciation of his own mortality) and so I make these decisions on his behalf. Different parents will have a different level of tolerance for risk, but few parents would consider automatic weapons appropriate.
  11. Pirate Pete

    Guardian: 9 year old guns down 'instructor' at the range

    My son enjoys punching crotches. Unfortunately it isn't a sport.
  12. Pirate Pete

    Guardian: 9 year old guns down 'instructor' at the range

    Thanks mod, I should also have said my headline not the Guardians they went with "Arizona gun instructor accidentally shot and killed by nine-year-old girl with Uzi". I added the speech marks on instructor. All for firearm safety at a young age as pointed out by most here. I even advocate sex education early but I don't think they should be doing it. A country that says you cant drink till 21 but hell you can fire off a few rounds of an Uzi from 8 years old? That poor girl will have to live with that incident for the rest of her life. I accept that it was an accident but I am horrified.
  13. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/26/arizona-girl-shoots-kills-firearms-instructor A 9 year old with a gun.
  14. Pirate Pete

    What jobs are a conflict of interest for SC's?

  15. Yup, no need to suspect anything.