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  1. Shmook

    Bottle of liquid found in street

    Not necessarily.
  2. Shmook

    Blocked driveway

    Council may be able to issue a ticket if its a dropped kerb, but no law broken. Edit, my apologies, only just noticed this is Scotland so I have no idea!
  3. Shmook

    Body found between a border

    Nudge it into Scotland with your foot when no one is looking.
  4. Shmook

    Blocked driveway

    Is the driveway occupied with a vehicle?
  5. Shmook

    BBC.Drivers 'should have compulsory eye tests'

    Retest of both eyes? I suppose for both, it should be called an 'eyes test'...
  6. Shmook

    first aid training

    Our force (lancs) are trained to EFAW standard, and that's it...
  7. Shmook

    Dutysheet app

    Doubt I'll bother if no messages, as I send and receive quite a few!
  8. Didn't realise you were old enough to qualify for carriers! Agree with blue runs. We don't need it really. Many a time I've been first on scene at grade 1's, even in an unmarked corsa. We have good people in comms though who know where we are better than we do...! I can't wait for compliant stops to come in though. That should be part of the A-B training.
  9. Shmook

    Status codes

    The question should be does the rest of the nation use met status codes...
  10. My cash is for dirty refs!
  11. Warrant card (obvs!), prox card, a tenner, McDonald's coffee cards, debit card if I don't have cash to put in.
  12. Shmook

    April intake

    You'll have to call reception at HQ and ask to be transferred to finances
  13. Shmook

    April intake

    Call up and explain what happened. They are great to deal with and have helped me out in the past
  14. Shmook

    Stab Vest Cleaning

    It's called 'sharing', not 'takr what I need and sod the other guy'. It's the joy of having a locker at Blackpool... Have a word with him. If it becomes an issue speak to his sarge Edit, if it's sat upright it will cause the plates to sag and become mis-shapen. You're better lying it flat in the bottom until the space issue is resolved.
  15. Shmook

    Stab Vest Cleaning

    That smell, it's unique!