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    West Midlands Police
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    Over 10 Years service so far..
    3 Years K1 OCU (West Midlands Police)
    3 Years F1 OCU & BWC LPU (West Midlands Police)
    1 Year British Transport Police, Birmingham (Temporary)
    now back with SW LPU (West Midlands Police)

    Work alongside A-Ops Dog section (West Midlands Police) and Balsall Common Training Section (West Midlands Police) as well as West Bromwich Albion Football Support Team.

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  1. molls72002

    BTP IPS Transferee 2017

    Hi, I transferred Oct 2015 and it was 3 weekends; 1st weekend (2 days) - Introduction to BTP, uniform and railway bylaws 2nd weekend (2 days) - Track safety 3rd weekend (3 days) - PST, Niche, First Aid I understand its been a while since the initial post however should anyone else need to know its now there.
  2. molls72002

    Chevrons and Pips for Special Ranks

    As a Special I'm happy that the constabulary is progressing with the times and modernising, however as a S/Sgt I'm not sure I would be comfortable wearing chevrons despite having passed the NPPF exam and board and feel as though I can competently deal with most incidents I come across. I am line managed by both a S/Insp for welfare etc and a regular Insp for all policing issues, tasking. I'm very much part of the management team but personally I don't feel despite having 10 years in the job I have anywhere near the level of experience and knowledge of my regular counterparts. I feel my role is to be the link between SC's and the regular management and i'm expecting to ensure my 14 officers comply with their SLA, complete PDRs, maintain training levels and complete their duties to the best of their ability.
  3. molls72002

    Buying non issue Stab/ballistic vest.

    I don't understand why you would even consider this? are you currently an officer or applying?
  4. molls72002

    Special Sergeant

    Afternoon, Do we have any Special Constabulary Supervision on here? Just wanted to enquire as to what is expected of you from BTP, I ask as I have seen vacancies on the BTP recruitment website.
  5. molls72002

    SC duties throughout WMP

    Hi, I'm trying to put a plan in place within my LPU to assist with different duties. For those who are currently serving within WMP could you please give me an idea of what you are expected to do and the type of shifts you perform on your respective LPU's please. Ideally things like; Do you work single crewed? Do you work with regs all the time or are you partnered with other SC's? Do you work response, nhood, CAPT etc? What type of jobs do you attend? Are you able to obtain a vehicle with ease or is it a case of luck? Do you perform event support? Football, Pride, EDL etc? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. molls72002

    Rank/ grade insignia 2015

    West Midlands Police is S/Constable - Collar number S/Sergeant - Collar number and bar S/Inspector - Two bars Assistant S/Chief Officer - Wreath with 3 bars S/Chief Officer - Wreath with 4 bars But there is talk of potentially changing to work inline with regular insignia.
  7. Hi, Anyone out there who can assist with what to expect with the assessment centre for the above role? And also what the recruitment process entails? Any help would be appreciated?
  8. molls72002

    Future of Roads Policing

    Simple, as discussed many, many times times before. Use a national force specifically for motorway policing such as BTP who already have proven knowledge of dealing with certain issues which are similar to roads policing. They will be able to use government funding currently used to pay towards the highways agency, and use part of the budgets issued to HO forces to deal with motorway policing taking the burden from them and their PCC's.
  9. Morning people, Just out of interest do Specials have the opportunity to drive in; A. BTP? B. Safer Travel Team? And is there much opportunity if they are? I can see the need for both having to cover a large distance and not necessarily being able to use public transport for response. I have borrowed a few cars from Centro House before with WMP so know they are available.
  10. molls72002

    Chief Officer Group

    Yea my thoughts were JH, but would be good to mix things up from the outside.
  11. I agree with the Skoda Octavia, Personally I would say estate.
  12. What would be the perfect choice if we were to have a national car such as the US having the Ford Crown Vic?
  13. molls72002

    National Police Force?

    What do people think about a national English police force? Such as Scotland's new national force? Obviously there were plans of regional mergers a few years back but I mean one force.
  14. molls72002

    Chief Officer Group

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows who the successor is to be for Mr Croshaw?
  15. molls72002

    Private prisons

    Care to expand on your reasons? I dont see why staff in a private prison should have any differant powers to public sector, as they do exactly the same job. Oh and to add, no private sector prisons (Contracted out prisons) do not routinely carry batons but as previously mentioned C&R Advanced (Tornado) Officer do have them available for when such an incident arises.