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  1. what happened to you ?

  2. RMP

    Forum Help

    You're right, you've got to click the 'Log In' button at the top and then 'Log In as invisible'. I don't intend using the feature, I was curious as I've never seen a user profile appear like that before.
  3. RMP

    Forum Help

    How do you do that?
  4. RMP

    Forum Help

    It works for email address but not for the "Last Seen" feature which shows the last time the user was online.
  5. RMP

    Forum Help

    I've seen on a users' profile: Last Seen: Private Where's this feature in the control panel?
  6. RMP

    Is this site slow

    I'm not experiencing any problems, but then I'm one of the happy Firefox users.
  7. Proving that intent would be nightmarishly difficult unless you openly admitted it, then I'd say it wouldn't be in the public interest to prosecute. It's an interesting question and I await to hear other users opinions on it.
  8. RMP

    oooooh no

    He must have been driving slowly!
  9. That's what people have been trying to say all along!
  10. Well done, I was waiting to see how long it'd be before somebody came up with the common sense solution. A jewellers shop with a locked door is still a public place because the public still have access, albeit upon invite. I base this on case law where a doorman was convicted for possession of an offensive weapon whilst in a members only club - same principle applies here.
  11. In Harriot v DPP (2005) EWHC 965 it was recognised that places, if they permit access to the public, can be considered public. So a shopkeeper behind his counter would be in a public place, whether or not he was walking about within his premises or behind his counter. The garden wasn't held a public place for the purposes of possessing an offensive weapon and the conviction was only overturned, however the first count of affray was so held. The most pertinent information I believe is shown highlighted and underlined in the third paragraph.
  12. RMP


    They probably think their products will sell better, Surefire are good quality torches so I wouldn't be surprised if the SAS do use them. Or maybe it's a naughty member of the armed forces whose selling items on from HM Stores.
  13. RMP


    Sorry, I don't understand?
  14. RMP


    Seen this site on eBay that sell cheap, boxed Surefire torches: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/UKPOLICEGEAR
  15. Public Place, p.588 A public place may include a front garden of a private residence. The term "public place" is not a legal term of art" but, unimpeded access does not make public a private place: Harriott v DPP [2005] All ER (D) 28 (May). © Oxford University Press