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  1. Evening all, I've sat the reg SEARCH AC before but was unsuccessful at getting the 60% required for my home force. I've got another AC coming up, with the same role plays as the previous (well the surnames are the same). Does anyone know if they rotate interview questions at the same time as the role plays? I'm just wondering whether im likely to have the same questions for the interview as last time. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all! Background: Special for 1 year in Avon and Somerset SOLAP 90% complete as at 10/11/2016 I'm just hoping the people of Policespecials.com can answer some questions on the Gwent special constabulary as I'm in the process of applying to transfer. I live in Newport but I've been specialing in A&S and I'm now looking at working closer to home as I really feel I'd enjoy it even more if it was local to where I grew up and still live. It's been a year and I still ask for PNC checks and I don't know what street I'm on! If anyone could answer the below, and maybe a little more, I'd be very very grateful: Is there a good relationship between the specials and regs in Gwent? Is the training and support good? (e.g. driving as in A&S a special can with relative ease get onto a compliant stop course) Do you have the option of just turning up and working a shift with the team when you're free? With A&S you get great autonomy and can single crew and self task. Do the specials run their own operations frequently? If you feel like you need to be brutally honest, but not public then please message me Thanks in advance, James
  3. Boris94

    Provisional Training Date

    TangoAlpha92, There are a hundred or so rooms, but usually no more than a course of 30 officers at a time. There will be plenty of rooms for you. I've known officers that live in Portishead stay at HQ.
  4. Boris94

    Provisional Training Date

    Hi all, so glad to see some activity on here! I'm super excited for you all. Training is so much fun, you'll make friends for life and the two weeks between sessions will be a killer.
  5. Hi all, anyone heard back from HR regarding paper sift and assessment centre dates? I applied in late January and have an AC date for 23rd March. Wondering if anyone on here will be joining me.
  6. Boris94

    ac on weekend

    Best of luck Laticsash!
  7. Boris94

    Interview tomorrow! :o

    That's great news, my fingers are crossed for you! It's a real shame you can't pay FCO for some expedited option
  8. Boris94

    A&S Division's

    This forum makes me chuckle; you can go weeks without seeing any activity, then you come on and there's an essay to read. Glad to have you in the thread Hoofing.
  9. Boris94

    Interview tomorrow! :o

    What's the latest gossip Ted?
  10. Boris94

    You know it

    Shut up and take my money! I'll have 10 of them.
  11. Boris94

    SC tie

    I too would be interested (in a skinny version) Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  12. Boris94

    Interview tomorrow! :o

    This is a beautiful. I'll be the guy with glow sticks and face paint; judging by A&S Tweeter that's perfectly acceptable.
  13. Boris94

    Interview tomorrow! :o

    I concur with Cookie, you'll find after you've done the test that you've done way too much preparation and wasted time that could be spent browsing kit that you're not sure is legal or useful but will no doubt want anyway.
  14. Boris94

    Interview tomorrow! :o

    Looks like ted123 is a Power User Cookie. We look like cheapskates in here now!
  15. Boris94

    Kit List

    You know me so well Cookie! It's a Welsh thing, we're synchronised.