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  1. Blakey

    Experiences at Hendon

    we did not even do radio training, they showed us how to turn it on and off. the good thing they done was combine day 1 and 2 for specials, i had to wait 7 months for a day 2.. so they called KRE's now ?
  2. It's been a while since someone has made a new post so I'm going to start something new. How did people find training at hendon, they also had Richmond and Bethnal Green as a training centre that was in 2014 how much is it changed in the past couple of years ? When I done my 4 week course at Hendon I personally didn't like the old way how officers were doing things. I also believe that 4 weeks is too little to learn legislation and you're going out there as of as a full warranted police officer.. how was yours ?
  3. Blakey

    (Yet another) vetting query

    no news is good news !!! Providing you have been honest on your application
  4. Blakey

    Medical / Drugs testing

    Out everyone who I did my medical with I was the only one to get p... tested
  5. London as a Similar role called Public Access Officers, the ones I worked with wear uniform( Staff uniform) and have to access to certain police systems, I linked in the Job spec http://content.met.police.uk/cs/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobheadername1=Content-Type&blobheadername2=Content-Disposition&blobheadervalue1=application%2Fpdf&blobheadervalue2=inline%3B+filename%3D"704%2F654%2Fpublic-access-officer-info-pack.pdf"&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1283849710402&ssbinary=true
  6. I think the bar system was working, as those officers only Supervise for "welfare isssues"
  7. Blakey


    Good luck.. if you need Advice on your KEE exams please ask here Good luck and your a step closer to your Warrent card
  8. Blakey


    How we all doing
  9. Blakey

    Assessment Centre Specials

    Wrong Force my friend, this is for Northants only
  10. Blakey

    Assessment Centre Specials

    Nope, each force as it own thing not like the regulars. What's it like, is it hard ? Are you a special serving with them
  11. Hello, I've got Friend who's joining the specials, but I cant find any information on the assessment day as anyone done it ?
  12. Blakey

    whats it like as a special in hackney?

    vetting is the waiting the game :christmas_cool:
  13. Vetting takes ages, mine was 3 Months.
  14. Blakey

    Failed Vetting

    Could be a family person or a co resident ?? What force was it ?
  15. Blakey

    Kee3 Help

    Good luck