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  1. Rebecca

    TVP 'Tittle Tattle'

    I'm alive, perhaps more in body than spirit today tho!!!
  2. Rebecca

    TVP 'Tittle Tattle'

    Yeah new series is on Tues, Sky 1 @ 9pm, think it may also be repeated on a Sun, Sky 1 @ 10 ish I think, but don't quote me on that one!!! Not sure mine is better, made me a bit mad, that little git bags were doing those things where I live ( I thought quite a nice area), suppose was a bit naive and had a those things don't happen in my back yard type of thing!!!!!
  3. Rebecca

    TVP 'Tittle Tattle'

    Helllooo!!!!! Did anyone see road wars last night. I was very shocked when I noticed them filming outside my house!!!!! And no it wasn't the one with all the cannabis plants!!!!! Anyway, hows everyone today?
  4. Rebecca

    Restricted Occupations

    I work for the NHS and had no problems being allowed to be a Special, just got my line Manager to agree to it. Like Roxy says if ever a major incident was declared where I work I would have to go there as its my paid job (and forms part of my Professional Code of Conduct). When I applied the only thing my employer was interested in and worried about was the working time directive.
  5. Rebecca

    Introducing New Members

    I'm kind of new too. Have been on PS. com for a while but only just found this bit :lol: Anyway, I'm Rebecca (if you haven't guessed)and 26. I've applied to Thames Valley Specials and hopefully if I pass my medical on 21st Aug I start my training 1st of Sept. Graudated from uni 4 yrs ago, worked in the NHS since and been interested in joining up for a while, so took the plunge and did!!!