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  1. tomj

    Amy Winehouse Dies

    It's sad of course that a life has been lost and I feel for the family for their loss, however I don't think she contributed much to society at all and I won't loose any sleep over the news. I do however have an issue with news like this sparking such a reaction in our media when there are so many other individuals who are short of amazing that fail to hit the headlines. If anyone is interested in seeing these 'Amazing' individuals you should check out the following series on the BBC/BBC Three. 'Our War' and 'Extraordinary Me - Life fast forward' You can't possibley say someone like Amy Winehouse has anywhere near the moral fibre these idividuals have/had and thus that is where my respect lies. This is of course my opinion. For those that are interested. Alex - Life Fast Forward: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012p4v6/Alex_A_Life_Fast_Forward/ Our War - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01175hg
  2. tomj

    Slow speed cameras next ?

    This made me laugh out loud!
  3. tomj

    Wearing white socks on duty

    You have too much time on your hands.
  4. tomj

    New SC driving home

    Quite why you would stop in this scenario when you have stated the ambulance is already there on scene is beyond me. It's almost like saying I'm on duty and issuing a ticket when an off duty paramedic comes up to me and asks if I need help? I would probably be very confused. Seems like you're looking for an opportunity to badge out for no apparent reason. As others have said, if the circumstances dictated; ie: Someone was unconscious etc, then I would do as any other decent member of the public would do and check they are ok (ring ambo if necessary) and that would be the end of my involvement. Absolutely no requirement for involvement as a police officer at all. Why are people so excited about badging out?
  5. tomj

    how much do you do?

    I don't consider 50+ hour weeks to be that excessive when done proportionally as I've always been able to deal with it ok, however as a rule of thumb it should not be considered the 'norm' and more of a when needs must. Either that means overtime at work or extra shifts to cover events as a special. I usually work 42 hours a week (Day job + Specials shifts inclusive) but on some occasions can reach 52 hours for both combined. That can occur when I have to do an extra duty to cater for one of my probationers or if an event/tasking means I do an extra duty that week that I wouldn't normally do. I can most likely count on one hand how many times I have gone over a 42 hour week this year but the times I have been for pre-planned events or when again I need to be available for a probationer and is certainly not something that I would never condone an officer doing on a regular basis. Taking away the pink and fluffy response. You will burn yourself out, this is when it becomes not only dangerous to yourself but those that are around you. If an SC I knew was doing these sorts of hours, in a role that we must not forget is purely a voluntary one, I would be having words about their welfare and likely recommending they be put on moderated duties. It would appear as a pure guess/speculation that you are within your first six months of joining and probably still have the rose tinted glasses on. No one here is going to shatter your enjoyment of your new role but you must learn quickly that there is most certainly a credible welfare issue here about performing such hours. Not only do you have to contend with these issues, that by the very nature of the hours you are performing in your role you will undo all the hard work you are putting in at making yourself a credible special by getting a name for yourself amongst the rest of the relief. I have to stress, this wouldn't be so much of an issue if you decided to sign up for some events and it was a seldom occurrence but the fact that you are regularly working 10 hours a week more than a full time paid officer is exceptionally worrying. I've seen SC's having words for doing less hours than you are. It's great you're so enthusiastic about the role but as another poster pointed out, you need to live a little too. The SC will change you in many ways but it is not the be all and end all of life, live your life.
  6. tomj

    Driving in the Specials

    I can't believe some forces still only have A-B
  7. I personally think it's a bad idea. On paper a commute twice a month of that length doesn't sound too bad however I wouldn't want to be based anywhere where it was more than a 45min/an 1hr at the very most each way. What you're not considering at the moment is what happens if you want to do a spur of the moment duty or you have some extra events that you wish to assist with... it takes a lot more planning and get up and go when you have to factor in a 5 hour round trip. Then you have to consider a 2.5 hour drive in, completion of an 8-10hour duty and then drive home by which point you may be considerably tired and that's without making an arrest.... when a planned shift goes from 8 hours to 15 hours later stuck booking in to custody and paperwork you will be exhausted and there's a welfare issue then. Public transport is ok, although I have no knowledge of London, what happens if you miss your last train due to extended duty etc. Sensible answer is unfortunately the most boring, either move or consider somewhere more local. Personally I would be concerned with an SC who was doing a 5 hour round trip for each duty. Hope this helps.
  8. tomj

    What the actual eff..!?

    Crikey! That is good, I used Gordon Brown and it guessed it straight away.
  9. tomj

    I'm starting with the man in the mirror

    I'm pretty sure there is an offence of causing danger to road users, of course would depend entirely on the circs, but for the love of me I can't remember the offence wording without looking it up on PNLD.
  10. tomj

    Gay couple thrown out of pub for kissing

    I agree with the above statement however if it is as reported and that they had only briefly given each other a peck on the cheek or similar and not been as I quote you "sucking each others faces off" then what is wrong with that. Have you never kissed your partner in public.....ever? I doubt it. So why are you wasting your time commenting on this thread then. Bit hypocritical eh?
  11. Welcome to the forum mate. This is an Interesting topic, I've actually been looking at doing the opposite and wish to join an EU force, Netherlands was one, however it seems neigh on impossible for a Brit to go about doing this without having lived in the country for a very long time and then become a citizen. I've often wondered why is it so much easier to join a UK force for an EU member than it is the otherway round, surly it should be the same. Edit: spelling
  12. tomj

    SC's caught out on film

    Ok so as many on here have agreed, there is no realistic offence or any HAD being caused. My question would be, what would happen if hypothetically the shop had an influx of public enter the store and remove items they believed to be free. I would argue the individuals have committed an offence but may have mitigating factors, as for Charlie; what if any?
  13. tomj

    Voyager near Solar System's edge

    Wow this thread is fascinating, even if I don't have a scooby what your on about. Beam me up :lol:
  14. tomj

    would you use ur warrant card off duty

    Without wishing to sound unduly rude to the OP but why must we discuss this again, only to have exactly the same answers spouted again. Just more duplication on the forum. One skill attribute required to become a police officer is that of initiative, why not start now and use said tool to search for this (and many more) topics already present.