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  1. Potter

    Charging Suspects in Custody

    No you can do it, I once had to charge someone who was inside HMP custody, got the sheets printed off, drove over to the prison and read the caution and charges to the chap before going back to get nspis updated. For some reason the met just prefer the custody skipper to do certain things like reading the charges and doing evidential breath samples which can both be done by PC's.
  2. Potter

    BBC: Burns death Taser policeman in clear

    The advice I was given on my course was consider every possibility and have a Plan B should it go wrong. There is a scientific calculation regarding the risk fuel poses around taser. It all depends of the fuel quality, the environment in which you deploy, etc. No two situation will have the same result due to various factors.
  3. Potter


    The SOP around taser is very bizarre in what can be done and want can't be done. Somebody from Heathrow has asked a question this week on the rumour mill (which as of today hasn't been answered). If you don't know of the SOP I would suggest reading the question and the answer when it finally appears.
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  7. Potter

    Chitty Chat

    Got to be there for midday on Monday, when I spoke to HR they told me there wasn't any parking so if that's the case then I will have to pay.
  8. Potter

    Chitty Chat

    Thank you, I've tried to scope it out on Google street view but it's not very clear. Will have to have a look on the day or park across the road.
  9. Potter

    Chitty Chat

    Could anyone advise me if there is parking at Hatfield Police Station for visitors or would I need to use the shopping centre car park across the road?
  10. Potter

    "Job Representative"

    It should be 5 hours at time and a half as the minimum payment. 4 hours pay plus an hours paid traveling time.
  11. Potter

    Islington man shot dead by Met Police officers

    Yesterday's Evening Standard had a small update http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/family-of-mother-whose-expartner-was-shot-dead-during-police-siege-she-is-shaken-up-9720628.html?origin=internalSearch "Family of mother whose ex-partner was shot dead during police siege: 'She is shaken up' Fatal shooting: forensic officers at the scene in Islington (Picture: Jeremy Selwyn) Justin Davenport A A A Tuesday 09 September 2014 The family of a mother whose ex-partner was shot dead during a police siege in north London today told how she was shaken up by her ordeal. Teaching assistant Julie Moyses, 54, was in bed when the 40-year-old man broke into her basement flat in Islington and threatened her with a knife. Neighbours called police who attempted to negotiate with the man but after a stand-off lasting nearly two hours he was shot dead by police marksmen at 1am on Friday. The man has not yet been identified but police said he was a 40-year-old from Islington. Investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission have now taken over the investigation and a spokeswoman said an inquest would open in the next few days. Miss Moyses son Derek said his mother had split up with the man at the start of the year and moved alone to the house in Shepperton Road. He said that her mothers ex-partner had been violent towards her in the past. He told the Standard: She was upstairs in bed when he broke in through a window. A neighbour called police. I dont know how it got to the point where police had to shoot. He is not a very nice man but a loss of a life is a loss of a life. I didnt know him very well. But Im glad I dont need to look out for my mum anymore. Im glad that shes safe. She is quite shaken up and has some scratches to her neck. She is staying with my brother at the moment. She isnt allowed to go back to her home. Police even took the clothes she was wearing as it is all evidence. A friend told the Standard that the former teaching assistant had ended the relationship after the police got involved earlier this year. She said: The last time I saw her she had ended the relationship and he was out of the flat. I never met him. She just told me he was younger than her and that she loved him because he made her feel loved and like a woman. But then she was abused and put a stop to it.
  12. Potter

    BBC: Woman 'beheaded' in Edmonton garden

    This is on the BBC now "A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder and is in custody. Detectives said there is no suggestion the killing had a terrorist motive. The man is in hospital being treated for injuries suffered when he was arrested, police said. 'Lives on the line' A Taser was used during the arrest and a firearms officer is believed to have suffered a broken wrist." The DPS and IPCC are probably aware due to him being injured on arrest.
  13. Not likely, court doesn't sit on weekends. And did he actually arrest or just hold onto him till someone else arrived?
  14. Potter

    How would YOU reform the Met?

    If you want a Misper book, go on the intranet under forms and you can print out a paper copy of merlin report similar to a paper cris report that your meant to use should merlin ever crash. It has all the same fields as the electronic version. I normally give them to student PC's to help them remember key information.
  15. Potter

    SGT OSPRE 2015

    Does anyone know the actual date in March for the exam?