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  1. SPD

    Sophia Adams?

    Nowt wrong with that?!? What she chooses to do with her rest days is her business. As long as she claims it as a business, then let the DPS decide if it a compatable occupation. There are some part time pole dancing instructors in the job you know! Nice to see a real woman modelling, my GF thinks she's very brave to do it!
  2. SPD

    Mobile phone on duty

    Mobile phones should be considered your back up communication system should your battery die on your radio (happens way too often in winter!) if questioned why you have your mobile on duty by a MOP. I recall atleast 10+ occasions where i had to use my mobile to call in. Calls should only be taken in Emergencies or Police related business, using it as a satnav on foot or to get directions would in my book be fine. Much like smoking it should be out of sight, using a mobile while driving on duty as i have seen in the past is NOT acceptable!
  3. SPD

    Level 3 qualification to join the regs

    Born and educated in the UK;- 5 GCSE A-C's 2 A LEVELS English/Physics 3 City & Guilds Craft Certificates 2 BTEC HNC's Engineering 1 Engineering Degree and im told i need to have a Level 2 English Language? W Da F! and i have been an SC for 9 years...?????
  4. To the OP if the CMU are changing things as per thier own agenda, I would suggest you speak to your regular line manager Skip or Insp about your concerns and the need for clarification on the matters you have raised - supply them the CRIS numbers. It's all like asking a DS a question about an RTC - "Sorry mate, dont do traffic!" - "You did in your OSPRE Sarge!"
  5. SPD

    Carrying Firearm British Army

    Dad was a Marine and his 'duties' required him to carry a firearm at all times. Both in the UK and when posted abroad. I think the term the OP is looking for is 'Lawful Authority' the solders policing the 2012 Games were all armed with sidearms and rifles as thier duties required it,
  6. SPD

    Opinions on British transport police

    Only commenting on personal experience here, but... When i pounched on a violent male that gave a haymaker to the guard and he also nearly had me also at Vauxhall - , I duly pressed him against wall with reasonable force and was holding him there for 20 mins waiting for BTP to turn up!!! (It's a station et al thier ground) he was fighting me all the way. Bored of waiting - i asked a civvy to call it in as outside the entrance to the station, 'off duty officer detaining a violent male' - I had 3 TSG carriers, 4 IRV's, 2 Solo DPG, 1 Dog unit and the borough Duty officer turn up within 3 mins! Moral of the story if the wheel comes off call the Met! The next day the Met Duty Inspector called me to say sorry for taking so long to arrive! BTP never arrived!
  7. SPD

    4,000 specials get council tax discount

    Backdated for 3 years thanks Boris! Sadly, I leave the MSC in April for the Regs - now start moaning about paying for boots and meals for me =)
  8. SPD

    Traffic question

    If you ask some of the regs, some of them will have proformas on email. You should know the exemptions! which I wont list on here, but the response above gives you one. It's best to evidence everything including in the case of a mobile phone that they have hands free fitted at the time to vehicle and if they claim to be using it (look for it!) and ask to see thier call history to prove/disprove it was in use at the time of stopping them, if they refuse put that down for evidence as you have given them the opportunity at the time and they refused to disprove they were on thier phone. Several guys on my team have done this and each one that refused has been found guilty!
  9. SPD

    Met transferee Reg Recruitment 2015

    Well the only vacancies are for AFO's see here;- http://content.met.police.uk/Page/Vacancies?vacancy_type=ExperiencedOfficer
  10. SPD

    Time to resign?

    To the OP, If this is happening then you should speak to your Chief Inspector about it if this is coming from your Inspectors/Sgts. As Captain He/She is responsible for what goes on thier ship! Managing volunteers is a hard task, but to take it to the extent that it demotivates people is just plainly wrong, we should all commit to our hours and if we cannot do more than that - then you have given your slice to Boris and the Met.
  11. SPD

    Sacked for off duty arrest?

    Company Policy is not Law! They could be facing constructive dismissal if this went to tribunal. If you have acted correctly and within the law, then sorry is the Managing Director going to say he has more power than the Queen of England? She is the ultimate boss of us all! I faced the same thing at work after the security came to me with a suspicion that a staff had committed theft - i told them to call it in and i wrote a statement - done. Then called to HR the next week with the MD and they were not happy that i got involved as 'it's not my job' which they are paying me to do. I explained that I hold the Office of Constable et al The Queen (God Bless Her!) empowers me and i have obligations to take action. They had no repsonse after i told the MD how many times have i issued him a ticket for no seatbelt leaving the premisis? I said i think were done here then and walked out of the office, nothing more ever said about it and he made a point of showing he was wearing it when i saw him leave the gate at night!
  12. It is difficult to motivate team members other than to fine them a bag of Haribo for doing something stupid =) Many years ago I was accused of being a 'Tank Commander' because of my military stance and of course taking people to account for not showing when they put themselves down for duty, turning up late, turning up without uniform for Aid, MM1'ing those that just ignored my emails/phone calls/home visits/improvement plans and the frustration of supplying enough for borough led aid for saturdays....I was managing a team of 30 due to the lack of experienced officers wanting the role. Thankfully those days are gone! Anyone who tells you managing volunteers is easy is talking bull! I have a short fuse when dealing with people whom are clearly taking the P. You have hard enough time trying to motivate yourself and stay on top of the training records/attendance and the other stats that the Met want to collect. It would be better for SC's to suggest what could motivate them to come in a do duty an attendance allowance like the counties get has been truly boshed according to our chief's, but that payment of a £1000 year bounty is for the Commish to decide! We volunteered to volunteer! So i dont like hearing other SC's moaning when we have been on duty for 18 hours dealing with something when we all just want to get some sleep - deal with it! Ex Special Sergeant (Reverted) - Now a calmer and happy SC! Soon to be PC.
  13. SPD

    Should London Metropolitan Police be Armed?

    I am all for the routine arming of officers! Government keep banging on about how much the police do a good job etc etc 'plebs' etc, cut pay and pensions then warn us all to 'take care' because someone wants to take our heads off?!? I would feel safer patroling the streets with a Glock = not much chance of a beheading!
  14. Very kind of you young lady!