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  1. PCButterman

    What do you carry in your duty/kit bag?

    Heavy Hi-vis Light Hi - vis Flat cap Gloves First aid kit CPR mask Box clipboard with MG11's, various other paperwork Further paperwork such as Police Aware stickers, Tickets, street bails, burglary packs Evidence bags, CCTV bags, drugs bags Spare torch Batteries - radio and torch Personal wash kit with hand sanitiser, wipes, etc Local a-z map book. Pens, pens, pens Nitrile gloves Multi-tool A book (for hospital guards, etc) Power pack to charge iPhone
  2. PCButterman

    Essex police opening up recruitment again 20th May 2014

    I applied last year when it opened up in July and started training in January this year. (passed out last week) I've heard all sorts but the figure for total applicants was, so I'm told 2500 - 3000. They took 32 of us onto the January intake and a new intake is just starting at EPC of a similar size. I wonder how many people from that group and groups before are still in the runnings, as with the campaign they are running for recruitment at the moment, there must be rediculous amounts of people applying! On an unrelated note, Trelloskilos, as a serving PC would I be permitted access to the writing room?
  3. PCButterman

    Essex police opening up recruitment again 20th May 2014

    Good to see recruitment is on the go again. Being one of the latest regular intake to pass out last week, I know how hard it is! Best of luck to anyone going for it, especially those on here who didnt make it last time around!
  4. Any idea why the force concentrated on external applicants? I know there is only a few SC/CSOSgoing through at the moment out of quite a large intake?
  5. Even then, although it could be a fantastic crime reduction tool, it would be seen as too 'big brother' by the majority, however justified. The main issue would be suspicion, or the lack of reasonable grounds, much as we cannot search a person based purely on their previous exploits.
  6. I would have thought that it would be a breach of human rights, especially without reasonable grounds to believe/suspect they would be involved?
  7. PCButterman

    Essex approves the issuing of TAC vests.

    Changed mine over today, looks much better. The yellow ones looked like a 'happy to help' badge
  8. PCButterman


    After the exam assuming you pass (study for it you will be fine) you will get lots of different talks, Q&A sessions, tours, etc. nothing too heavy. Basically a introduction to EP and what you will be doing!
  9. PCButterman

    Chit Chat & Gossip

    Hey team. Anyone on here working out of Braintree?
  10. PCButterman

    Is it about money

    Any particular reasons/feedback?
  11. PCButterman


    If you study the pre reads and keep going through the online practice test (when available to you) you will be fine! Research the force, areas, etc.
  12. PCButterman

    Regulars Senior Officers Interview

    Hi CDBW. I passed all through and actually started training last week. Remember your examples, what you did, how you did it. Be yourself!
  13. PCButterman

    The Sock Thread

    Agreed. I did two Nijmegen's in 1000 mile socks and Lowas with no problems. Still wear them whilst on the hills.
  14. PCButterman

    Essex approves the issuing of TAC vests.

    I'm a regular intake. They have an essex police patch on one side and an insert for name/number on tother.
  15. PCButterman

    Essex approves the issuing of TAC vests.

    My intake were issued ours today. Very smart.