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The Machine

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  1. The Machine

    Begging and the Law

    Would anyone have experience of dealing with homeless folks begging on the streets especially in the town Centre. Foot Patrol in the town Centre is becoming a regular duty for me now and most beggars move on but you will get one of them who will argue the law and say they have every right to be there. I'm finding most beggars are sitting outside the express stores or near to cash point areas. The certain chap I struggled moving on argued he was busking outside the Tescos Express Store playing a mouth organ really badly. I would appreciate any practical policing skills one has in dealing with them especially the Buskers who cant play the instrument they have with them. I've never seen a beggar arrested for begging for money. The thought of putting one before a custody Sergeant for begging would have me hung from the nearest street lamp. I know this is the least of all subjects to talk about but being on foot in the city all the time this is the main incident I come across. When I was out with Response we didn't really have the time or interest to deal with Beggars.
  2. The Machine

    Paying Specials

    I have to disagree / agree with some of these post especially from members who are saying that specials are simply not capable of....Many Special constables in my force are more than capable of carrying out duties that regular officers are involved in from day to day and completing the necessary paperwork. When I carry out arrest in most cases I have to see the file through to completion. Many times I've had comments from Regular officers about Specials completing paperwork far better than some regulars especially statements and traffic files. In my force we are equal and we are never made to feel less equal to regular officers. Whenever myself and my officers are on duty if we are available we will attend incidents whatever they are. I agree in some cases some of us don't have the knowledge but that will come with experience. Also please don't suggest that Special Constables have it easy. Get the arrest and let the regulars do the paperwork. Far from reality!!!! There is probably a handful of SC's who are lazy. From experience there are regular officers out there who are also lazy With regards to paying Specials in my force we can only claim for travel. It would be nice to claim for a meal.
  3. The Machine

    Dual Force Specials

    Crazy as it may sound I was thinking about Devon and Cornwall / Kent and v.v. It sounds this scheme was thought up for students who are away then back home during holidays. probably not a good idea at my age at 47 but worth a try
  4. The Machine

    Dual Force Specials

    http://www.college.police.uk/en/docs/120927__Dual-force_Circular_Final_Version.pdf Just wondering if there are any Specials in the UK that are on this scheme or what their views are about this. I understand this is not Force / HO policy.
  5. The Machine

    Transferring From Another Force

    Would be interesting if there is any 'Dual Force' Specials out there or dare I say mad enough (i.e me!!!) to be a Special in two different forces. Its great that D&C are now asking those interested in joining / transferring to fill out a pre questionaire.
  6. The Machine

    Transferring From Another Force

    Im glad Londonbase feels just like I do. If forces value specials then they will have a seperate recruitment drive for transferring SC's amongst many other things. HR depts dont really understand how valuable we are. If they did then Im sure they wont put us in the same category as new Specials
  7. The Machine

    Transferring From Another Force

    SC Apples what a brilliant idear. Can this be true??? When I transferred from Cambridge to Kent. There was no messing about. Vetting, Fitness then straight out onto the streets. Will email the link. Will let you know the outcome. I chatted with a brilliant Inspector last nite. He said if a Special from another force walked into the nick saying he had 20 years experience, Independant and free especially as forces are trying to reduce PC's on the street do you turn them away and tell them to look on the forces website for futher notice of recruitment? It makes you want to chuck the whole thing in.
  8. The Machine

    Transferring From Another Force

    Many thanks for your message. It is a pity that long serving Specials transferring cannot go through the same proceedure as regulars transferring. You would think someone with 20 years experience and have served in two other forces DCP would fast track me once the vetting and fitness is passed. The thought of starting all over again with new officers makes me feel terribily devalued. However in my experience Specials are devalued. My current force have the same policing model as DCP. and most of the time I go out by myself in the PSU van backing up colleagues most of the time. I hate being referred as "the Special" over the A/W. especially by PC's who I have known over the last 10 years. Why cant they call me "THE MACHINE" instead? (recent 'Mock The Week' clip ) Anyway I will keep looking for the next recruitment date
  9. The Machine

    Deaf in one ear - Special Constable

    Ive been a Special for 20 years now and I have slight hearing loss in one ear. When I joined Cambridgeshire Police in 1994 although I mentioned my hearing I managed to get in even without a medical strangely enough. I then transferred to Kent Police in 2002 They rejected me at first then I had to appeal to the Chief Constable to make the decision. I managed to get in on two accounts back in 2002. Firstly I had been a Special for the last 8 years and on top of this I had to get a hospital hearing Audiometer test printout. NHS Hearing tests are 99% accurate. Kent Police said I would never get in full time but said I can continue as a Special. My advice don't be put of applying. I hope to transfer to DCP when they start recruiting again.
  10. The Machine

    Swimming test

    Can this swim be done on using breast stroke? Thats really all I can do. When one swims the breast stroke can this be down within the target time. I really have to nip down to the local pool. DCP seem to ask more from applicants when It comes to exams and vetting. Ive been a Special now in two different forces and they dont ask for much even now. I think I'm getting too old now at 47 and trying to transfer may be a little difficult although I did manage to pass the UDT refresher training (Bleep test) at Kent Police HQ when some younger PC's pulled out. There is still hope for me yet :new_shades:
  11. The Machine

    Rail journey

    I assume you are a BTP Police officer and not County section or response officers. If you are BTP then why are there not 2 of you especially on train journeys? Its common sense as back up if needed can be difficult to get within minutes.
  12. The Machine

    Running a creepy guy out of town

    There were several occasion's in a previous force I served in the early 90's where suspected "Fruit cakes" would turn up in the small city I policed in and because the border was only 5 miles away in order to run them out of town they would be taken just over the border to the neighbouring force and left in the nearest village. God forbid this would happen today due to the care of duty of that person. In the case of drunk and incapable person you come across care and duty of that person is your responsibility. Custody and A&E are not interested. Just hope a few swear words are heard so they can spend the nite in custody for D&O.
  13. Can anyone help especially Officers currently serving or have recently transferred to D@C from another force. Ive been a Special now for nearly 20 years. Currently serving as a Special Sergeant for Kent Police after transferring from Cambridgeshire Police in 2002. I had been a Special in Cambridgeshire Constabulary since 1994. I am moving down to Exeter in the very near future. Contacting D&C HR last week I was told I have to apply not as a transferee but as a new officer. Also I cannot apply until D&C start recruiting again whenever that will be. I then asked the question why I couldn't apply as a transferring PC from another force but this channel was only opened to Regular PC's who were looking to transfer to D&C. Why couldn't D&C have a different Policy for transferring Specials from another force especially with all the experience I have? To start all over again from new would make my last 20 years experience non existent. Obviously the vetting, fitness and medical are important to pass but why cannot I be treated as a regular PC Transferring or along similar lines. I find the HR department at Exeter unhelpful in this area. If there is anyone I can contact at D&C other than the HR dept for advice please can someone let me know.
  14. The Machine

    S.27 Direction to Leave

    Please can anyone give examples when they issued a S27. iN 3 Yrs I have only issued one S27 to a person whos breath had smelt of alcohol and he was being abusive to some shop keepers. Many thanks
  15. The Machine

    Neighbour Dispute

    I attended a neighbourhood dispute between neighbours. The tenants in the ground floor flat were noisey and abusive towards the tentants in flat above. Although the back yard is owned by the tenants on the 1st floor there is a verbal agreement for the tentants on the ground floor to use the back yard for access only. The dispute started over a dog pooing on thier garden and not cleaning up after the dog. The abuse and threats are causing the 1st floor tenants alot of grief and heartache. I was called after their rear gate was damaged by the ground floor tenants and missing. I took details and visited the ground floor tenants who eventually admitted to one of thier friends being drunk at the time while damaging thier gate. He agreed to contact the landlord and sort it out with them. At this stage I hadnt spoken to the Land Lord of the flats. Moving on I was in two minds whether to warn the ground floor tenants for Harrassment but after speaking to my Supervisior he said it wasnt suitable because they were neighbours and live so close to each other and aften pass each other in the back yard. I tend to try and negotiate and speak to all parties first and if the flat ot house is rented then speak to the landlord. I believe there is always two sides to each story. Its so easy to feel sorry for one party and not get the true story from the other party. Neighbours really have to try and get on. Im not sure if one can warn the other party for harrassment in your case and because no case of Criminal damage has taken place then Im not sure what esle could. Im hoping a more experience PC or SC can shed some light on this topic. Regards Rob