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  1. Many students in this day and age accrue debts of around £40K just to get a degree and with no guarantee of a job. £1000 for the pre-join qualification for the Police seems a bargain in comparison. The test in all of this will be whether or not there are still long queues of people waiting to join. The queues have persisted across raising the career length to 35 years with a poorer pension as well as a pay freeze, and I suspect they'll remain after this too.
  2. That doesn't add anything to the discussion - he can say as much or as little as he likes and I'd say that posting the story is enough to get something going. This isn't about Burnsy's blog, it's about the story you posted. I think you are having a dig because he had the temerity to have a pop at you. Hardly conducive to the smooth running of the forum, is it. It might have been if people had left their chips at the door and talked about the story that was posted. As it is, nobody seems to have anything to say about that so thread closed.
  3. Whopper MacBig

    All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    Careful CJM, that brick wall will give you a headache.
  4. Whopper MacBig

    All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    It's not a crime to be anti police. In fact, it's allowed in a free society. We would do better if we condemned with the same haste those who disgrace the uniform as we do those who have the audacity to criticise us. Her second tweet provides some context for those who aren't rushing off to send a letter of complaint. She's talking about the Met kicking out racist officers, presumably in the context of the 100+ who were found to have behaved in a racist manner but of whom only 1 was sacked. She's saying that more needs to be done to deal with those who have been caught, i.e. she's not saying kick out everybody. Which wouldn't really be very practical, would it. So you keep on saying like some sort of demented parrot. I've got what you don't get, thanks. Just to remind Radman and anybody else, this is a discussion board; it wouldn't be much of a board if everybody held the same opinion, and there's no need to get excited when somebody does. By all means discuss different opinions, but just pointing out that somebody has a different one is a bit ...... well, pointless.
  5. Whopper MacBig

    All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    She doesn't. That's just down to how it was reported on here - you really can't get the journalists these days .......
  6. Whopper MacBig

    All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    No, it's not clear to me. She's talking to somebody about a cop who has bought something from a BNP supporter, then said that Met officers who are racist on duty will be racist off duty. That to me reads as 'those met officers who are racist', It doesn't read as 'all met officers are racist'.
  7. Whopper MacBig

    All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    PS How did the word 'All' appear in the title? I can't see that in the tweet. Some have criticised the media for being creative in how they present things, then on here the word 'all' gets added in and gives the 'tweet' a wider meaning. What's that all about?
  8. Whopper MacBig

    All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    I've just been reading the other thread about the chap in the back of the van. In that thread, a lot of people wanted to know more about the context of what was said before reaching a conclusion. Is anybody interested in learning a bit more about the context of this or are we happy to apply different rules?
  9. There are too many personal digs in this thread - discuss the issues but leave the rest out. I've already cut some - I'll be back later with the pruning shears for any more.
  10. Whopper MacBig

    5 Officers Injured In Dog Attack

    Out of respect to Police Dogs everywhere, I've changed the title.
  11. You can't even spell it properly. Enough said.
  12. We hope. However I didn't hear any challenges from the seven cops he was working with. I've always been a bit sceptical of those from inner city areas who claim that they get a hard time off the Police thinking that it was as much to do with them having a chip on their shoulder as anything else. I'm not sure if I'm as confident about that having heard this - in fact I'm genuinely shocked that a Police officer could not only behave like this in 2012, but that he could do it without being pulled up by his colleagues.
  13. Whopper MacBig

    Met: Hundreds More Public Order Officers Needed

    I think you need to grasp that Specials do this because they are pro-policing, not because they want to cosy up to Regular cops. If Regulars want to throw their teddies out of the pram because they think they are being hard done by and in that way turn their backs on the very things that they are sworn to do, then they don't deserve to remain as Police officers. In fact, I think you might have made the case for the redundancy provisions set out by Winsor. The job would be a lot better without malcontents who put the living that they think they are owed before everything else. Bizarre that people get like that really because nobody is in that frame of mind when they join. Doesn't that say something about what is wrong with the culture within the service?
  14. Whopper MacBig

    Winsor Report - Part 2

    It doesn't come across like that to me. Rather, in my long experience Regular Cops are overly pre-occupied with what they get paid and they're just not used to hearing an objective view on it. The discussion in the mess room is all one-sided and I think people expect the same in here (and can't cope with it when it isn't). As Specials, we've no interest in seeing people penalised unnecessarily and every interest in seeing a system that delivers good policing. What I have seen plenty of evidence of through my extended 'snapshot' of the current system is a low standard of recruit, poor quality management and plently of patently unfit police officers. If your representatives had made a better fist of addressing some of that in recent years rather than just trying to be more and more outraged at the latest 'attack on conditions' then maybe you wouldn't be facing something as drastic as this. My view is that it badly needs doing though.
  15. Whopper MacBig

    Winsor Report - Part 2

    And you do it so well. :new_wave: