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  1. That looks fun, might have to go, went to the Kent police one the other week and had a good time.
  2. Fizzypopbang

    Transferring Abroad

    Thanks for the replies, anyone ever heard about American police? If you look on some of the police departments websites like the NOPD (New Orleans Police Department) it does say that you can apply from outside the county.
  3. Fizzypopbang

    Transferring Abroad

    I'm talking about a regular in a British police force transferring abroad to America, Canada, Australia, South Africa etc. I personally don't want to do it as a junior member but maybe after serving in the UK for some time when I'm older, transferring abroad would be interesting. Has this ever been done? Anyone know of a colleague who has done this? If so where? Thanks
  4. Fizzypopbang

    Pepperball launchers for all police vehicles?

    It seem's that they have every type of gun, could this mean officers could have a pistol with the pepper balls, in a holster on a foot patrol? http://www.pepperball.co.za/products.asp EDIT: Can't seem to upload the image but follow the link
  5. Fizzypopbang

    How relaxed is your force?

    I'm not from the daily mail! The only reason I asked is I have seen many TV shows, like road wars, where in fact they do do a lot of these things, but when speaking to officers I have been told that many things are taken very seriously that I stated above.
  6. Fizzypopbang

    How relaxed is your force?

    I was just wondering how relaxed your force is with rules and if you can or can't do certain things on duty. Here is just a few I thought about that I wondered if you are allowed to do: Chewing gum in public Eating in public Parking on double yellow lines for non emergencies Not wearing hat in public Not wearing stab vest outside Swearing in public Wearing sunglasses Some of these yes I know are probably big no no's but I just wondered if you got caught would it be a slap on the hand or very serious. If you wouldn't mind saying the force as well if you answer Thanks Fizzypopbang Sorry if already a topic, I couldn't find it
  7. Fizzypopbang

    What's on YOUR job bucket list?

    A cold, dark, and drizzly wednesday evening, I'm driving alone in a fully marked patrol car along a south London estate. Then a call come's through a man seen with a knife, I'm the only available unit, I'm also equipped with taser so the control room deem it safe for me to go to the call, as I pull up on the scene (in record time due to my amazing advanced driving) I see a man standing with hood over his head (cue flickering streetlight and sound of thunder in the distance). I then step closer to him and he turns and runs, I start chasing after him and see a dead body on the ground... Murder... As we both do some fence jumping and hard running, he turns to go int a property, and locks the door behind him. I run up to the property and kick the door in I run up to the criminal tasering him to the ground. When police officers turn up on scene I arrest the man for murder, and find he has hurt an old lady in the property he broke into, I perform CPR and help save the ladies life... Then back at the station I get asked do I want to join a firearms unit and be an Inspector... I thought I'd spice things up unlike the usual same old list and I'm meant to be writing an English creative story next week in school so thought I'd get in some practice! I know all this would never happen at once but put all the things I want to do in bold at once...
  8. Fizzypopbang


    A pat on the back? We all have to bow down to you when you enter the forum? Change your name to '15000'!?
  9. Fizzypopbang


    Don't know if anyone noticed but the 15,000 post on the met chat :new_clap: This is the most replied topic as far as I know
  10. Fizzypopbang

    MET Regs Training

    Area 3 doesn't seem to boring either-may I mention London riots, 3 of some of the worst hit boroughs!
  11. Fizzypopbang

    MET Regs Training

    What would you class as rubbish? What about area 10? Can't see many boring ones in that list!
  12. Fizzypopbang

    MET Regs Training

    Ok thanks for the answer Shame about the accommodation being sold Budget cuts....
  13. Fizzypopbang

    MET Regs Training

    I was just wondering after a slow day, what do PC recruits do now, do they commute, find accommodation nearby, did the Met sell off the accommodation blocks? Do they offer anything anymore, what's happened to training? Thanks
  14. Fizzypopbang

    MET Regs Training

    Ah, thanks my questions have been answered, and on that note goodnight! from me anyway...
  15. Fizzypopbang

    MET Regs Training

    What about teams can you join? Is it just Safer neighbourhood team, or can you join things like response? Sorry I lied one more :new_doh2: