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  1. potter123

    OST Handcuff exam

    You won't fail it. When I done mine a few years back someone very much struggled with it. They stayed behind after with an instructor who helped them through everything to pass them
  2. potter123

    met police vehicles

    Any news on the potential new astra? Spoke to a garage hand the other day and he has no idea about them He did mention that they may not be rolling out the Volvo RT car as to many people said it was to small
  3. potter123

    OST/ELS refresher

    Book OST027 before the end of September which is just ost From October until April is ost/els combined (OST028) Els training lasts a year, whereas OST has to be done twice a year
  4. potter123

    New baton

    In 5 years, I've had 1 baton deployment and 1 CS... so not used much at all. Used my baton the other day to gain entry somewhere... just collapsed so think I need to order a new one
  5. potter123

    How would YOU reform the Met?

    I've booked people I'm at numerous boroughs. I've found they have a different process by different bits of paperwork, they way they want the property bagged up and booked in. Some the PCs do the prints etc, others DDOs do it. How is it at CW?... not actually booked anyone in there
  6. potter123

    How would YOU reform the Met?

    I would make sure the same custody procedure is throughout the met. Invest in IT systems that talk to each other. One system for all jobs Ensure response fleet is usable and each BOCU to have 2 extra cars for when they have to send one off for repairs Create ONE book to be used for everything. Instead of a 124d, 124a, CARB blah blah blah... just one incident book Reduce amount of back office staff and put them in more operational roles. Such as on borough Intel desks etc Put out a feedback request to front line officers regarding uniform and then adhere to what I could so there's a better and more effective uniform. Utilize BOCU media more, such as twitter. PR is positive and that's the best way of updating the public and getting feedback. Of course... I could do on.
  7. potter123

    new tech

    Isn't it going to be a device that can be used as an MDT and then removed to take anywhere when needed?
  8. potter123

    new tech

    Surely there must be the capability to have a pool device seeing as the iPad will be replacing MDT
  9. potter123

    met police vehicles

    http://www.answers.com/article/1188882/9-cop-cars-that-you-cant-outrun?param4=fb-us-mo-wheels&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=ssmo-all#slide=1 They forgot the old astra
  10. potter123

    Met Training - Pay

    Don't think you get travel allowance. You do get London weighting unless its changed since I was in training
  11. potter123

    New baton

    I'm on my 2nd baton already as my first just wouldn't open at all. I assume if you order a new one now this is what would arrive eventually. Hopefully with a new holder as the current nylon one I doubt will hold the new one
  12. potter123

    met police vehicles

    Its not cost effective but I assume they are thinking down the lines of... these cars are no good for what we need them for.. Ours are always off the road with little persistent problems so in the long run it would be easier to replace them
  13. potter123

    met police vehicles

    I remember that. Was a bloody nightmare
  14. potter123

    met police vehicles

    I think the focus estate is as big as an IRV need to be really. Anything bigger would be a waste of car. A slightly bigger engine wouldn't go a miss though. Saw the commissioners blog thing... does that mean the i30s are just going to be replaced slowly, or do we still have to wait until they have outlived their shelf life?
  15. potter123

    met police vehicles

    I assume we were getting the old i30s and when they changed the model design nobody test drove them and they carried on ordering