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  1. 7.6 is for the AFO role, this is not to be confused with the ARV role which is 9.4 on the bleep test. AFO are static based, where ARV are AFOs that are trained to man an ARV and do further tactics.
  2. rescueme

    Forces with RPU Specials

    Really? Do we still have any?
  3. rescueme

    What age did you join the Specials?

    I joined at 24. Should have done it earlier.
  4. rescueme

    Response Vans?

    We have a fleet of Transits and connects. The connects are ok, nippy enough and good through the traffic. The cage is too small because there are equipment boxes next to it. Ideally I'd like something in between the two, the national fleet model is based around the Vauxhall Vivaro.
  5. rescueme

    Stab proof vests

    These are ours. I don't wear appointments on mine because the panels are too flexible and the weight of a baton pulls the vest down. I'd like black armour with a hi vis tac vest. Gives more flexibility depending on what you're doing.
  6. rescueme

    Section 18 (5) search

    It was a sec 18(1) which is the most used search. Suspect in custody and authorised by an Insp. Sec 18(5) used for things like drugs where the delay in getting authority will allow others to destroy evidence.
  7. rescueme

    UK Police to get BlackBerry PlayBook

    Whether Police officers get play books or iPads or generic tablets will no doubt come down to cost. As for there role and use, if the software or apps are in place I can't wait. We have Panasonic Toughbooks in our vehicles. They are ok, but they are still computers with a touch screen, and the software we used is designed for computers. The introduction of tablets with touch friendly apps would make the job a lot easier. PNC, updating logs etc would be much quicker and more user friendly. I can't wait.
  8. rescueme

    Plain clothes equipment

    Baton, cuffs, PAVA, taser, firearms.. Depends on your level of training and the risk assessment the officer has carried out for the role they are performing. How do you know they didn't have PAVA or CS in a pocket? It's a lot easier to carry PAVA and cuffs, they're lighter than a baton.
  9. rescueme

    Being on Camera..

    We have a couple of film crews up here at the moment filming for one of the usual series. Been to a few jobs where the camera crew have been. Just tried to keep out of the way! Haha I enjoy watching them, so suppose I can't be too critical of them being here filming!
  10. rescueme

    Specialist Teams

    No, Custody Investigation Team = CIT Collision Investigation Unit = CIU
  11. rescueme

    PSU Medics

    Yeah recently took over as medic after the previous fella stood down prior to retiring! We are having a force wide review of how and where we deploy medics and the kit we carry. Currently have most of your list. Don't carry NPs but where taught how to use them. Don't have a defib. Don't get issued Duct Tape. Have a spinal board and blocks somewhere in the force, just not sure where! Also carry Quick Clot dressings. Kit bag is a cheap generic rucksack which isn't fit for the requirements in my opinion. Vest is not arktis, it's some other brand of tac vest which has been adapted for the job. Not ideal but in the current climate the only things we'll get I think. How often do you get deployed with routine PSU jobs? The lad I took over from deployed once in 10 years! I'm trying to push for medics in all PSU deployments, afterall a PSU deployment is there because there is a chance it can go wrong! We've just had a new SOP written up to increase deployment.
  12. rescueme

    Current Reg Recruitment

    That's what I was thinking! I know there will be a lot of applicants from inside the organisation.
  13. rescueme

    Current Reg Recruitment

    Is that just 2 applicants then?
  14. rescueme

    PSU Medics

    Gavin, I've not come across any yet. I'm trying to get those vests issued and a new kit bag. I'm assuming the bag lives in the carrier most of the time, rather than routinely being carried?
  15. rescueme

    PSU Medics

    Gavin, Thanks for that. Do you have the Arktis designed Medic Vest? What sort of vehicle bag do you have? As you said it differs from force to force. We get a FAAW cert plus a D13 cert. it is the NPIA mods 4 and 5. It includes oxygen admin, defib use of airways, chest seals etc. Its a difficult topic to give a 'recognised' cert for that translates outside of your own force. Hopefully there will be a national standard. And then we could have Medic and Advanced Medic for the forces like Kent who do TEMS.