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  1. Soap

    Busiest day of the year

    Should have hidden in the next bush and jumped out of it with handcuffs shouting the caution.
  2. Soap

    Actor fake cop

    Does seem like they've done him over here. He's obviously not gone out of his way to make it look like he's an actual cop. As he said, it's a prop car.
  3. Soap

    Busiest day of the year

    I considered working this evening, but seeing as I've shattered all week from sleeping shoddily (and then not going to bed early enough), I thought I'd just do Saturday. Make sure you have a shield in the car, eggs and fireworks are obviously a firm fave. We had a lad setting off fireworks in the town centre the other week, but TPT dealt with it.
  4. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    I bought a suit a few weeks back for a wedding, with the intention of being able to use it again for smart functions, its of a slight tweed design. I was told on one occasion that I looked like I'd stumbled out of a Jane Austin novel and on another occasion I was told I looked like a smart old detective. I most likely will wear a suit, as I am usually of the "Not sure, suit up" thinking, but with the fact we'll be doing roleplays I wasn't sure if appropriate to be dressed like Dr Watson in the background. The actual suit I bought obviously, i'll not wear a waistcoat to the NPIA centre... "I'm looking to get into undercover work"
  5. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Anybody who has done the SEARCH assessment centre, what did you wear? They say smart, so I think "SUIT!", but then they say "(no Jeans)" which makes me think "Oh, smart casual then"
  6. Soap

    Relationship Status

    Lady-Cuddles is most likely an air hostess given the amount of time he must spend on planes!
  7. Soap

    Hepatitis B injection .... Yes or no?

    Just don't try and get any numbers from people and you'll be fine.
  8. Soap

    Common offences as a special

    Also, get the phone numbers of the local MH centres. Makes you look proper slick when a colleague goes, "Oh i need to find the number for the th XXXXXXX centre" and you just pull out a little card from your PNB. I'll admit, this happened by accident as it was a card of the doctor who worked then from a previous visit, but had the centre's number on.
  9. New York, If i'm correct, there's very tight gun laws in the city.
  10. Soap

    Hepatitis B injection .... Yes or no?

    I should actually get this sorted out, I've been in about 9 months and got just under 400 hours completed, and not gotten it done yet :S Just forgot about it!
  11. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Buy a fake moustache. "I am Burnie. No No! I am Burnesto!"
  12. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Yeah, I was only messing anyway. Oh well, good luck for the future mate!
  13. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Call in sick for a few days, go back in, say you did badly at test because you were coming down with illness. Jesus, I sound like a solicitor.
  14. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Surely room for appeal? Possible to get a quiet off the record word with that PTI and see if he'll support an appeal? I know bakes had a good old crack at getting it sorted in that payday lenders thread after lots of resources and info passed by other members and that. It was fixed for a while, and then crept back. It's odd.
  15. Soap

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Need to get on shift when I'm on duty. I'm quite keen to get BTP to attend for jobs at the station if they're about. They have a tendency to pull out these weird and wonderful train-lore ways of dealing with people. Oh, also, who are all you people, and what is this place. Oh, and I got shortlisted for my PC application. Off to the SEARCH centre next month. Any tips would be appreciated.