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  1. I reckon the merger is more or less a certainty, this is politics and nothing to do with what is best for the passengers or rail network - it is a cross border service, it makes very little sense in having Police Scotland take over the policing of the railway practically for that reason alone, the TOC's north of the border are also happy with the current set-up its only the Scottish Government pushing this agenda. I can't say I'm impressed at all. Selfish reasons as always but once BTP Scotland goes I reckon it wouldn't be long until the rest of the force folded and was merged.
  2. Radman

    Latest Youtube video of police

    He didn't arrest the lad to prevent a BoP though which is what he should have gone for (in my opinion) failing his detention powers (or lack of) - When I served as a PCSO Common Law arrest to prevent a further BoP was hammered into us in training and often cited as a valid power to use if necessary. He didn't arrest the lad to prevent a BoP though which is what he should have gone for (in my opinion) failing his detention powers (or lack of) - When I served as a PCSO Common Law arrest to prevent a further BoP was hammered into us in training and often cited as a valid power to use if necessary.
  3. Radman

    Latest Youtube video of police

    To be fair a HO PCSO was recently charged with assault for defending himself against a gobby youth who threatened him after being called to the group as they were causing ASB - whilst I wasn't there and didnt witness what went off this case really does go to show how if HO PCSO's aren't careful, are ignorant of their common law powers (namely to prevent a BoP) they can land themselves in hot water... I really do believe most HO forces have got it wrong with their PCSO's. http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Bristol-PCSO-claims-self-defence-using-excessive/story-21345835-detail/story.html All that being said everyone has a duty at common law to assist a constable if called upon - I'd expect PCSO's to assist me in an arrest if I was struggling with someone.
  4. Sorta why I believe specialised areas of policing shouldn't just be left to the Home Office forces to sort out - they get left and for the most part ignored. The dangers of nationalisation in my opinion.
  5. I'd say so in those circumstances. Totally different ball game out there.
  6. Radman

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    To be honest I'm becoming more and more of the opinion that 'employer/security police' should make a resurgence with limited powers and jurisdiction more inclined to tackling problems on large sites/industrial areas as a better means of security and protection within these locations, just ensure training and vetting is up to scratch. Canada and the US have them and use them to great effect, we used to have them (still do with the Docks and arguably legacy with BTP) Also still cannot believe this thread refuses to die...
  7. Radman

    New laws of particular interest

    That is the advise we've been given, write on the stop pads "Strong smell of cannabis coming from male" instead of "Strong smell of cannabis"
  8. Radman

    Home Office Notebook

    If the original electronic 'handwritten' interview is still available on the system then no issues, the way it was worded it sounded like the software just interpreted the handwriting into text format.
  9. Radman

    Home Office Notebook

    To then take it back to the station, upload the interview and then correct any mistakes the software makes/misinterpretation? Erm... Yeah we can't do that in E&W's after an interview.
  10. Radman

    Home Office Notebook

    How would that work in E&W when I have to offer my PNB contemp interview to someone to check and sign for accuracy? My concern is specifically with contemp interviews, first accounts ect. Fairly important stuff that require the other party to sign.
  11. I'd argue a pistol is more durable than a tank for police work.
  12. Radman

    Home Office Notebook

    Paper timesheets are terrible, I cannot wait to see the back of them if I'm being honest whenever that time comes however my gripe specifically with e-notebooks is with the handwriting software that comes with them, namely these points: 1. No software is 100% accurate, it will make mistakes meaning time is lost. 2. There is always a delay in the machine processing whats been written into words and then you making any correction. This video demonstrates my point, the technology used in this Samsung Galaxy will most likely be better then anything WYP are getting, yet in this video it mistakes the word "Hello" for "Hekko" one of the basic words in the english language and again there is a delay, not significant but still slower than writing with a pen and paper. Technology is not there yet to compete with me and my pen to put it bluntly. Someone above mentioned proformas, great if you're dealing with the same offence day in day out but I often don't and I often (as previously discussed on this forum) report people for numerous different offences when traditionally they would probably be coming in for those offences in the HO, offences I've reported for in the past include Byelaws, Railway related legislation, low level assaults, low level public order, begging, odd shoplifter with authorisation, travel frauds ect, ect. I do not carry proformas around with me for all these offences, I simply adapt my interview within my PNB as and when required, why carry a proforma when you have a blank slate with which to work with?
  13. Radman

    Home Office Notebook

    I think its fair to say that you chaps use your pocketbooks differently to me, without going into detail today I came across one of my regular nominals who was (again...) begging on the station, I had a complainant and I had witnessed the begging taking place. I stopped the nominal and informed him that I intended to report him for summons, after completing my checks and beginning a contemporaneous interview the beggar decided to walk away half through the interview. Not a problem as I simply reported him as he stepped away. Such a contemporaneous interview would not be possible to conduct on a PDA, not in a expedient or convenient fashion anyway, tapping away at characters on a stylus, this is of course ruling out any potential bugs in the system (which would be present.) For THAT type of police work, the type I conduct weekly if not daily a PDA device is not suited for that kind of work, a pen and paper is. If all you're writing in your pocketbook is 'On Duty' 'Off Duty' 'Attended incident 123' ect then thats fine... But for recording accurate evidence, interviews, first accounts ect, ect it simply isn't suited. Todays incident I had the complainants details, the suspects details and was half way through my interview within five minutes of beginning the encounter, had I been using a PDA it would take me double the time to key in those details if not longer. It aint the same at all Burnsy, as above my pocketbook is perhaps the most important tool I have next to my radio and I use it to great effect daily, it is my go to tool, one which I use on a regular basis. I love technology, I grew up with it but I also know it's limitations, frankly we aren't there yet and if I'm being realistic I dont know when we will be.
  14. I'm not just talking about cops although we've had plenty of near misses. The public have to be considered in this aswell.
  15. I have a feeling this may have been staged to provoke a reaction...