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  1. sierraoscar1

    How many white shirt forces are still left?

    Sorry not sure I was clear, talking about the white shirt being the only shirt worn each day.
  2. How many UK forces out there still issue the white shirt and tie to the majority of their officers to be used for your everyday shift, A&S seems to be one of the last. Interesting to know, mixed opinions amongst staff on weather or not an upgrade is due.
  3. sierraoscar1

    British Transport Police Cadets

    BTP seemed to be advertising a for a VPC coordinator. Could this be the beginning of BTP police cadets?? https://btp.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/channel-1/appcentre-3/brand-3/xf-5d2bf2d8208b/candidate/so/pm/6/pl/1/opp/1487-Stop-and-Search-and-Volunteer-Police-Cadet-Coordinator/en-GB
  4. sierraoscar1

    Best Everyday Police Car?

    I just mean a rough price, like a ford or astra is much cheaper for the force to buy, than a fleet of really expensive cars like mercedes .
  5. sierraoscar1

    Best Everyday Police Car?

    If you were in charge of choosing your force's Beat/Response car, which would it be. Taking into account: Price Reliability Practicality ect