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  1. DunkinDonut

    Summer 2017 Recruitment

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone else has applied to the recent window, and do you know as to whether or not you receive an email confirmation when the application form is received their end?
  2. DunkinDonut

    Help/advice needed please.

    Thanks for the info, Philbo. I've tried messaging you, but I'm being told my inbox is full, despite deleting more than several messages. Some of the detail I'd rather not put on here, in case it comes back on me. I have emailed my local fed, but haven't heard anything as of yet. Will keep trying to inbox you.
  3. DunkinDonut

    Help/advice needed please.

    Hello all. Apologies if a similar discussion is already somewhere on this forum, I've a lot of digging to do! I'm currently as serving SC, but had been requested to have another hearing test done, since I've taken on new hearing aids. Prior to joining the job, I was tested the standard way and an extended field test was done also. I passed the extended field test with no concerns. I would like to hear from anyone in the job, Regulars or Specials, that have any hearing disability please. I'm more than happy to private message. I'd just like to ascertain your experiences, etc please, because, as it stands, there is no union or federation that we, as Specials, are able to turn to and I really need some advice. Many thanks in advance.
  4. DunkinDonut

    Online Apollo Tests

    Probably not on an open forum!! It's generally scenarios based on a similar, type customer-service role environment - How you deal with a distressed customer, lost items, etc. I've a huge background in customer service work, which is why I am absolutely certain that I have answered correctly. It's extremely frustrating and all I can do is try again on the next one it seems. ​
  5. DunkinDonut

    Online Apollo Tests

    lol Thanks. It's so frustrating, I've done the test a few times now, so can easily remember the scenarios and how I've answered them. The generic feedback goes some way to helping you understand it, more so once you've done it a few times, which is why I'm absolutely certain that I'd done more than enough to have passed it this time. It's the change I want now, in terms of career, and it's just so annoying when this happens and with recruitment windows being so few and far between these days. Plus, I'm not getting any younger! An alternative will be to look to another force that doesn't do the test and just look at transferring back home a few years down the road.
  6. Have to agree with WIntermute and others. Whilst it's not uncommon for people to do this, especially if the damage involved is less than an excess, you are required to exchange insurance details in the event of an accident and I for one have never hesitated to do so in such an event, irrespective of the damage involved. Your honesty and integrity would almost be immediately questioned with this. I remember being involved in an accident some years ago, of which the other driver wanted to settle without involvement of insurers. When I repeated this to my insurers, they said "the cheek of some people!"
  7. DunkinDonut

    Online Apollo Tests

    A topic, which I think, may or may not have been covered before. Does anyone know of anywhere, where you can get specific help with the Situational Judgement Test that is being done by some of the forces? I am literally at my wits end here, as I have failed on this particular test yet again. It is for Regular recruitment, not to be confused with the one that is done for the Specials, as I have passed that without any problem. I am happy to relocate to another neighbouring force, but, unfortunately for me, my home force and neighbouring forces (that I share the border with) all do these online pre-stage tests. As a serving SC, the last thing I ever want to do is stir a hornets' nest. This is my lifelong goal and it is driving me mad now that I always seem to come a cropper on this test, even though I am absolutely certain I am submitting the required answers?
  8. DunkinDonut

    Apollo Assessments

    I found this also with some of the scenarios. Some are pretty straightforward, but there are those, where I've probably overthought the scenario, where more than one statement could work, but it depends on what they're looking for. Albeit, the Specials SJT is more straightforward and job-related, I don't see why they just don't base the SJT on the job itself for Regs recruitment also. Granted, most people that apply don't have previous policing experience, but a lot of it is common sense, that can be served in the same way, but on policing situations as opposed to MOP ones. E.g A potential fight is occurring between two groups of people......A Police Officer would intervene immediately, whereas a customer service person possibly wouldn't, due to not being safety trained, etc. If that makes sense?!
  9. DunkinDonut

    Behaviour Style Questionnaire

    The role is set outside of policing though, they don't expect you to have prior policing knowledge and that is why it's been set up in that way.
  10. DunkinDonut


    Thanks, will do.
  11. DunkinDonut

    Behaviour Style Questionnaire

    All the information is set out beforehand, when you go to take the test. As said above, answer from a 'civilian' aspect. I've paid the price for answering the SJT with my 'police' head on before.
  12. DunkinDonut


    Does anyone know if there is a specific learning book, that is tuned towards the Situational Judgement Test, that some of the forces offer at the online application stage for joining as a Regular? I've been told there is a book that will help with the test, but I can't seem to find anything other than general SJT's or ones relating to the Special Constable SJT.
  13. DunkinDonut

    Specials with health conditions

    Yes, that's another aspect where some rules/conditions are force variant also. I know of an SC who's been in for something like 20+ years but has never been able to join as a Regular because the SC is colour blind.
  14. DunkinDonut

    s.j.t past

    I hate the SJT with a passion!!!! It's a shame there are no similar online examples, the ones I've tried are of no comparison to the one you have to sit unfortunately. Well done for passing though.
  15. DunkinDonut

    Specials with health conditions

    All you can do is apply and let Occupational Health deal with your health aspects. I'm deaf in one ear, I have been since birth, and I always worried it would be a bar to joining. At the end of the day, everybody is assessed on an individual basis. Hopefully there are fellow people on here with similar health issues to yourself who can guide you. Just go for it and good luck!