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    Breathing, heart beating fairly regularly, waking up...

    Oh, and nicking filthy scumbags ;o)
  1. Gert_Lush

    Riot/Response/PEACE Training

    Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Folks Ive been asked to do some digging to establish which forces around the country allow Specials to attend training/courses which qualify them for the following: PSU (Riot) training Standard (Response) driving PEACE Interview training Id be grateful if you could state which force you belong to and which training areas they currently let Specials train in. Thanks for your time. Cheers, GL
  3. Gert_Lush

    How is streetbail legal?

    Isn't the key thing here IF you are going to bail them straight away? In which case, I would tend to agree that the arrest (probably) wasn't necessary. However, there are circumstances that when you nick someone, then for one reason or another carting them off to custody is no longer a viable option (no space, childcare/vulnerable persons issues etc). I know this has happened to me a couple of times.
  4. Gert_Lush

    Training topics for Specials

    I don't fall out with the fact that statements are important (and I did have that on my list, but just didn't type it up when I posted). However, I do think that a lot of what you said that could be done on the job, or that a PND is simple to fill in could be over-burdensome. There needs to be a core set of skills (call it street law or whatever) that I feel needs to be trained, trained and trained again in order for it to be bread and butter for any officer with a few months service under their belt. Instead, we have training in 'the birth of a terrorist' or 'diversity'. I'm not saying they are not important, but I feel our valuable training time could be better spent on honing, reinforcing and impressing the basics... whatever they are. P.S. VAP = violence against the person. (Sorry, I normally spell out acronyms)
  5. I would like to gather some info from those 'on the ground' in determining exactly what training you feel Specials should have. No doubt there will be some that get no training, some that get some and other that get more, of varying quality/relevance too. I would like to hear what topics you feel the 'average' Special on either a response unit or beat team (or whatever you call it) should have a good grounding in. I'll start: PND offences Cannabis warnings VAP Offences Public Order offences Types of searches Intel submission Taking crime details Drink drive offences, powers and policy RTC Drug offences Traffic offences
  6. Gert_Lush

    Christmas Name Changes

    And for my name change: Gert_Sack please
  7. Gert_Lush

    "Specials have no powers when off-duty"

    I stand by for lots of -1's but I have no problem with the term hobby bobby. Kind of describes specials quite well. There is no disrespect inteneded in the most part.
  8. I would welcome the idea. We have way too little communication with the regular officers and supervisors we are supposed to be supporting, and far too much empire building by specials management with little else to do. I've never seen the point in having a specials rank structure either. Other forces cope perfectly well without one.
  9. Not at the moment it seems, since I haven't heard 'officially'!
  10. Not heard that one either although it does not surprise me at all... I'm not taking wrist band off.
  11. Gert_Lush

    what would you do ?

    You jest but...
  12. Gert_Lush

    Threats to kill

    Affray: A person is guilty of affray if he uses or threatens unlawful violence towards another and the person's conduct is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his personal safety. Can be commited in a dwelling.
  13. Gert_Lush

    what would you do ?

    I like Rob90's answer the best... falls well below the threshold of anything that I actually care about!!
  14. Gert_Lush

    Free travel?

    Well put. Or in most cases, left hand please speak to someone other than left hand...
  15. Gert_Lush

    The Changing Role Of The Special Constable

    Hang on, you've shifted the goal posts. I was referring to day to day activities. In the event of a major incident, yes of course extra officers would be recalled to duty, but that is the rare exception. The regular I crew with was single crewed before I came long. If I leave, he'll be singled crewed again. I have not replaced a regular. That's the same as our Specials buses that go out. If they are not around, regulars have to clear up all the low level stuff. So on that basis, I don't believe we have replaced regulars (yet) just provided additional support. Of course, all forces deploy Specials differently and your force is no doubt different to mine. Think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.