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  1. The first article by my apprentice @bobbyskh should be published in next couple of days...topic is English law firms working in India

  2. Tribrr had so much potential, but i've never been more turned off by a new social media platform. Met interesting peeps tho so not all bad!

  3. Optimistic about the new police professional body...but hope it doesnt distract @PoliceFedChair from potential specials role in Fed :)

  4. I dont enjoy watching 3 men get all foamy about mechanically propelled vehicles HateTopGear

  5. anyone else been playing the new batman game? feel like i wanna treat myself, but not on a game that i finish in 5 mins!

  6. . . . However i am still looking for apprentice writers ( http://ow.ly/7Xrea )...lots of applications, and one writer appointed so far.

  7. Just ordered 3 books on body language...want to try and work on my nervous habits to make me more approachable and confident!

  8. Feeling very close to the police family at the moment...

  9. Dark few days in Leicestershire...thoughts with the family + friends of fmr Inspector Toby Day :-(

  10. Ollie

    A bit of blog sharing

    Constructive criticism isn't a free pass to disregard peoples feelings...as you can see by the previous exchanges, im quite happy to take on board constructive criticism.
  11. Ollie

    A bit of blog sharing

    Thanks for your reply...i dont have time to respond to each issue seperatly, but i will say that blogging on current affairs is very fluid, and comments made months ago represent my views at the time but, on the issue of Theresa May, have changed. While i thank you for your reply, this is the sort of reply i would expect from PS.com...personal insults seems to be where this site has ended up. But then i accepted that risk when i posted this thread.
  12. Got some great feedback from my thread on @policespecials ( http://ow.ly/7THqd ) join in the discussion, feedback is important :)

  13. Ollie

    New student PC's

    Nice one mate
  14. Ollie

    Police Staff Interview

    How did you get on Tom?
  15. Ollie

    A bit of blog sharing

    Got a bit of feedback on the colour scheme Bubba...generally people like the colours, but i think i need to put a bit of work in to make it more intuitive to use and a bit neater. Really appreciate your comments, wouldnt have looked into it had you not replied...so thanks mate. Ollie