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  1. Richhamdo

    I quit

    Diceman,Your letter pretty well sums up what is happening in my force,and to more specific in my district,the whole concept of IP status to be gained in a finite amount of time is totally flawed in my opinion,I have been telling anyone who would listen this for the last two years,what is more so have very many others and for the very reason you state, does it make any difference? It does not. I perfectly understand what the Home office are trying to achieve re efficient specials but I don't think it's going to happen in such a short time frame, some can manage it because they have all the time in the world,some do it in eighteen months because all they want to do is join the regulars so it's just taking an apprenticeship to them,we have recently lost three very good specials who didn't want to join the regs and it was because because they were behind time with their SOLAPS,their day jobs/ family are taking up a bit more time than they thought,as Dirty Harry said a person has got to know their limitations,(or words to that effect)and I have wondered about this so called "independent status" and whether it really exists,it's fine for the easy public order/traffic stuff but when it comes down to complex things who is going to complete the files and follow it up? the regs that's who. Personally speaking it wouldn't bother me at all if they took three years to complete it or even four as long as they still did the sixteen/twenty hours a month and kept up with all the required training and learning,as you say it depends entirely on your location and many other factors but no cognisance is taken of this fact whatsoever,it's just do this by this time or you will be put on a three month development plan,the whole thing has gone crazy and out of hand,dozens of new recruits coming in every year,all the effort of initial training then fifty percent leave because of this continual pressure upon them,writing up evidence hour after hour covering every conceivable action they took when they spoke to a shoplifter etc.i feel a bit better now,Ha.Rich.Ps, miffy, I did reply to your post about why and how I joined but when I pressed send it said "saving post" and then it disappeared and I haven't seen it since, so I guess it's Kismet.
  2. Richhamdo

    Hepatitis B injection .... Yes or no?

    Soap,I have forgotten as well, but the topic has got me thinking now,I haven't the foggiest idea if I've had one or not and been in quite a while now,I might ask about it when I go to see the nurse at occupational health next spring for my annual MOT. That's if I remember.Rich.
  3. Richhamdo

    Home Office Notebook

    Radman, I wonder if there are any police forces around the world who do not have or use a pocket book (per se) in the same way that we in the United Kingdom do,I personally think and have done for quite a while that justice can be served just as well in this day and age with a device that is able to record details just as effectively,if not more so,now there are some among you who will recall the story I told on here about the time about twenty five years ago give or take when our force decided to record incidents in a different manner,unfortunately I can't remember a lot of details about it now but basically it was decided we would have what were called incident report booklets,these would be filled in with the various jobs and handed in,I remember specifically someone saying all we needed to put in our books was on/off duty,meal breaks,maybe the odd vehicle check,small stuff like that,it didn't work as you may have guessed,HQ were inundated with boxes and boxes of these booklets, so much so that after about a year or maybe a bit more everything returned to as it was,the point I want to make is this,if we could manage without pocket books in those days then we should have been able to manage without them later on,that they aren't or even need to be the be all and end all of justice,to be filled in meticulously and in detail in long hand,and that now that technology has moved on we should give WYP and the electronic notebook a fair crack off the whip,I'm thinking all the positive waves I can muster for this project,I think it's groundbreaking stuff,I hope it's a success for them, I just wish the device was bigger,maybe mini I pad size, it seems a bit pokey to me.if a jobs worth doing etc.Rich.
  4. Richhamdo

    Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    Aspiring MSC, my first impressions on the video, I thought immediately that it could be a one of those many scenarios to complete in the specials practical day just prior to being sworn in,although I could be wrong in this,in this particular instance something set up to determine the capabilities of an officers ability to hand cuff someone,and he certainly was the classic Mr Angry,if I had been in the shoes of the bobbies in the video and had a perfectly free reign to deal wth it as I saw fit then I probably wouldn't have gone in quite so fast,if these officers with all due respect had done an NDM on it then they were pretty quick about it,mind you they could have done it out of camera shot I suppose,I know it's ok to be wise after the event with these things but for me I would have walked up very slowly,assessing the guy as I went and what I was going to say, whether I might need my gas handy etc, maybe say good afternoon sir is every thing ok?what seems to be the trouble?in a calm quiet manner,that sort of thing,very low to start with,just hoping that will restore the peace in the first instance,I may have told you the story about the arguing man and wife one night,quite a while ago now but I remember every detail of it,all I said to him was would you mind being a little quieter please you are upsetting people,the next thing I know about half a second later is that I am rolling around in the dust of a back alley with him, with his wife pleading with me not too arrest him,(I didn't as it turned out)my partner another special shouting 10- 9 and where we were into his radio,I never got too close to people after that Ha,so in this case I certainly wouldn't have been so close to him either or told him there had been a complaint about his behaviour, but that's just me,if no gain after that then action can be stepped up a bit if required,but generally have to go along with what Sceptre says above.always good to have a thorough de brief on this sort of thing as well I think.Rich.
  5. Richhamdo


    Iplod23,it's much the same with the force I'm in, once accepted as a special for training,we can claim mileage allowance but only within the boundaries of the force.(in most cases)it may be an idea to keep a log somewhere as to your trips.but we tend to cover such questions at the induction days.if you are in a forward looking force you may be able to submit mileage claims via "duty sheet",which for anybody who is not aware is a popular computer system whereby special constabulary duties are organised and records kept etc.Rich.
  6. Klaus_ZD, we used to get Aikido in the mid seventies,there was this trainer called PC Smith,(that was his real name)he used to grab you and throw you hard to the mat,and really hurt you when he had an arm lock on,we had to slap the mat all the time,he was crazy,nobody would volunteer to be the assailant,I can think of a few tImes when I was only going half speed next day with aches and pains but it was the norm then,fortunately we only had one day a year of it,it wasn't until the early nineties when we started to have two a year,but anyway we were shown the cross block,i.e. when someone comes at you, cross your arms outstretched in the form of a "v" preferably left over right if you are right handed then grab his/her wrist as you parry the blow.or at least that's how I remember it.every other year there seems to be some change or other, I only ever use two come along holds,and they are the ones I can apply instantaneously and without thinking.certainly you are very fortunate if when on the street you have some nutcase who stands there quietly and not moving while you apply one of the holds that we are taught,maybe I'm getting a bit cynical in my old age, so I'm all for gas or taser if they start to get a bit troublesome,we need every edge we can get,I'm not a particular fan of the baton.Rich.
  7. Richhamdo

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    AmIObligedtoAnswerThat,It s true that it could be damaged,or lost/misplaced but if it has a protective case and used carefully should be ok,it looks in the picture to be about the size of a smart phone,so would fit in a front pocket of your tac vest,the bobby is using a stylus or pen to input info on it,I guess I would need my glasses on to use it,we have a load of places where there is "no signal" but I have no idea how that would affect it,however it's all down to doing away with duplication of effort as I see it,according to the internet West Yorkshire has about five thousand police officers which includes about five hundred special constables,give or take,and about seven hundred support officers or just under so someone is not going to be getting one for Christmas and I could take a pretty good guess as to who.personaly I think the I pad size would be better if that were possible so it had a proper keyboard to type stuff in, or maybe even use voice recognition,but like every thing it's all down to cost.Rich.
  8. Richhamdo

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Just read on Police Oracle that WYP are intending to get 4000 tablety things to replace the pocket book,it's apparently going to have missing person forms etc on it as well,and make things easier,bring it on where I am that's what. I say,I hate filling in my pocket book,the sixty four dollar question is will it work?Rich.
  9. Richhamdo

    What can I do with this corner of the lounge?

    hampshiresaint,to make a start, in the corner maybe you could have one of the big old wooden wine/beer barrels if you can acquire one suitably polished up and varnished etc,you would need to put a door in the side and some shelves, for the bottles of whisky, tonics etc,on top put a mini beer fridge maybe with a painted patern or colourful transfers, there are some on amazon to get an idea,that would blend in with your bar area if or when you get to that stage.one of my brothers in a far off place has a similar set up his house, it looks great I think,although it took him a fair while to convert the barrel he got there in the end.Rich.
  10. Richhamdo

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    pathca,how long did it last? mine did something very similar quite a few years ago,I thought that it wasnt particularly energetic the morning before but just put it down to a cold night,stupid of me,it was trying to tell me it was poorly and i just ignored it,I certainly should have known better at my age,and what upheaval it causes with something so mundane,I was fortunate that in my case it happened at home and a work mate who goes past the gate picked me up to go to work,however it lasted just over seven years so can't complain I suppose.Rich.
  11. HotShotpixels,I think you raise a very good point in your last sentence regarding training as against emotional feelings,can emotional feelings in a newish special,or reg for that matter be "trained out" when suddenly faced with a drunken hooligan who refuses to go into the back of the van as an example,that's the question I would like to ask,I think it takes experience of many and various events to lose emotional actions in these cases, experience to judge the situation quickly and correctly as to whether they need gassing or not,the potential downsides if gas is used when two or three of your colleagues are trying to get this person restrained. We are all trained about impact factors until it's coming out of our ears but it made no difference at one job I was at last year,I think I told the story a bit since but for the benefit of those that can't recall it very briefly three bobbies were trying to get this man who had been fighting with someone and hit his girlfriend, (by accident as it turned out later) into the back of the big van at a big public event,one special who hadn't really been in that long sprayed him,and a couple of bobbies as well,I had to look after one of them for well over an hour and make sure he didn't go on patrol until he was right again,he got it right in the eyes,now I didn't get there in time to see exactly what happened but arrived about the time they were shutting the van door but every one who was there said there was no need for gas, they had this trouble maker bossed so to speak, so even if we did have a full Saturday or a Sunday OST every four months instead of every six would it have made any difference in this case?Rich.
  12. Shmook,I personaly think that it's very debatable as to whether your letter is off topic or not,personaly speaking I think that use of force training,the amount we get,what is incorporated in the days training etc is inextricably linked to the question of whether specials should be issued taser,and any necessity for them,(I still like the net gun,Ha)now it has to be said that even though I've done very many of these training sessions over the years starting with about an hour of applying hammer locks and Half Nelsons in the training room,followed about ten years later by various Aikido/Judo holds and now in the present day we get about twelve or thirteen hours training a year of just about every hold its possible to imagine,presumably to cater for every exigency "in the field" and we can still be rolling around on the pavement trying to get hold of some nutters arm to handcuff him,(why is it they always seem to be like David Banner when he got angry) and that's if we aren't rubbing our eyes after being sprayed inadvertently by someone,i certainly agree with what rosco says above about not having them in secure safes in cars, if we are to have them then they need to instantly available on our person for use in the blink of an eye. I guess my days of all this are rapidly drawing to a close because I getting too old, but my take on all this is that the police need to be able to balance appropriate force more readily now because of the proliferation of drugged up trouble makers, I remember one night it took four of us to hold this D/V bloke down on the ground, he was like a Gorilla,we didn't have gas then either. And so Ladies and Gentlemen to sum up even though we do get a token training session on how Tasers work every year I put the case that all operational police officers should be issued with one,whether they like it or not,it will never happen of course because we can't afford it.thank you.Rich. ps off to the gym now to get fit for my requal warm up session.(smiley face here)
  13. kdempsey,i can only speak for my force in all this but as DB11 says above, here there is no possibility whatsoever of you patrolling the streets until you have been sworn in and been given your "warrant card"after completing the the initial training satisfactorily,and also having been issued full personal protective equipment (PPE). Just a few weeks prior to being attested in our force you will have been allocated a station where you would like to work from and where there will be a locker awaiting the new arrival with their number and full name on it,this will contain a radio,asp baton,cuffs,armour etc,in another locker will be your gas,all of which will be signed for on receipt,I'm afraid I am lying and being a little cynical when I say all this ,but that's how I would like it to be, the reality I'm afraid is somewhat different or haphazard for us unfortunately, to my mind there is some room for improvement shall we say,but I keep dropping subtle hints at every oportunity for them to consider it,hopefully before I retire.you just wouldn't believe the goings on and aggro regarding this issue after the swearing in ceremony that has gone on over the years,and it has to be said I sometimes feel like knocking some heads together over it, (metaphorically speaking) but I don't intend to bore you or anyone else with the details,Ha.anyway I'm sure they will have every thing sorted out for you in your force when the time comes.all the best.Rich.
  14. Krycek,that me me laugh,will have to remember that one,I have had a few recalcitrant/quarrelsome "customers"on occasion as well.ha.Rich.
  15. Richhamdo

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    LosingGrip,That's what I call a productive shift,I say if they can't play the game they should be made to pay,when I think of the amount of time I've spent looking for fraudulent excise licences in car parks at various race meetings to get just one maybe two it makes me weep,many years ago we used to do point duty at some of the big race meetings before and after,in the interveneing three hours or so I was usually bored out of my mind so used to go hunting like you for blatant motor vehicle offences in the car parks, if any one asked what I was doing I just used to tell them it was crime prevention Ha,we used to get a lot of stolen vehicles in those days,if I found cars with stolen/false road fund discs displayed I usually just passed the details to a road traffic officer when I got back to the station,then they either sorted them when they had a bit more time or passed them to someone else if they coudnt be bothered with them,it didn't really bother me what they did with them as I had "done my bit"or if there was one on duty at the time they invariably sat up and waited for them in the next village for the car to go past when the meeting finished,that's if they weren't doing much,I didn't ask them to do that but they usually got the heads up when I did my vehicle checks on the cars/discs,so that automatic number plate recognition is the business as far as I am concerned.it will be interesting to see how it all pans out in the future with regard to motorists etc not having to display new RFLs now.Rich.