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  1. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    Hi I had my occupational health appointment and all is well, just to confirm I received my collar number and attended the welcome evening prior to gaining oc clearance, it's a formality to assess your medical suitability to the role of special in your chosen force area and as I understand from other posts, each force is different as are your individual circumstances. I received amazing support from recruitment team and my force throughout the process, which was very informal but thorougher. Having worked in mental health myself, i believe there are different procedures for assessing the huge spectrum of mental health issues in terms of genetics with no correlation between life events, which was the case with my issues a series of past life events in which triggered my illness However I'm fully recovered and looking forward to training, like people rightly say we are human we all experience difficult times in our life's.
  2. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    Well they just informed me at recruitment that all my vetting references etc are in and fine, and that they are just awaiting OH report and I was told we have your collar number so I was guessing that was a good sign but I'm not sure so I'm just waiting. I hoping to find out tomorrow
  3. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    Ok that's helpful and good to know thanks for that
  4. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    Do you have that prior to training then or as part of the training process I have had no medical assessment as yet
  5. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    No not yet they requested a full medical report from my gp which was completed snd given 2 weeks ago HR say they are chasing it that's the only thing we are waiting supposed to start training in June but I'm slightly anxious as I haven't heard anything :-/ I am fit but I have support through the MHT but I'm fit and totally fine which my go has stated and signed me fit so just have to wait and see i guess thanks
  6. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    Really well I have been told everything is ready to go even got my collar number despite the await of my OH report so they can't not employ you on that basis then
  7. Princessvmh1

    Mental Health

    Hola Does anyone have any knowledge or experience in terms of mental health issues and how they are assessed by OH such eating disorders or if involvent with cpns but nothing serious like sectioning ect. Many thanks in advance
  8. Princessvmh1

    Security Checks

    Hi I have a brother who has previous convictions, for drug related crime, he lives in Bradford somewhere we are not in contact but i'm worried this may effect me, i also attended court last year in a custody battle with my son on the grounds of domestic violence against me, for which i received amazing support from the local police force. I have also declared this as it is part of the application process. i have since moved back to north wales and i'm in the recruitment process for the specials. I would be grateful for any advice as to whether this would effect my application. Thank you
  9. Princessvmh1

    PIR test

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Dave SYP" data-cid="2396570" data-time="1363104828"><p> Hi Princessvmh1 and welcome to the forum. You might be better trying on the 'Force Specific' (North Wales Police) part of the forum. Good luck!</p></blockquote> Thank you ) Thanks honey I have been practicing them on the NWP website I have also bought a book from the how to become website which is really good
  10. Princessvmh1

    PIR test

    Bonjour I have my PIR test on Monday, very nervous!! It's with North Wales police, so not sure if I'm posting in the right place, however I'm just looking for feedback from anyone who has sat the test recently or any advice anyone has to offer. Thank you ?
  11. Princessvmh1

    PIR test

    Hi anyone that reads this im very new to the site, I have my PIR test on Monday for north wales police just looking for any feedback or advise anyone can offer Thank you ?