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Forest Cop

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  1. Forest Cop

    Arthur Ellis Award 2013 - Sunday 17 Nov

    It was a great event, thanks to Wiltshire for hosting. Nerve-wracking speaking, as always, and one year I will present for a winning entry, I live in hope!
  2. Forest Cop

    September intake

    Hi, I actually meant the course that start training this coming weekend, but well done on getting through to the assessment centre, I wasn't even aware that one was being run. Good luck with it and hope to see you on a course in a few months: I don't know what the planned start date for the next course is.
  3. Forest Cop

    DCO/ACO positions

    I thought your CO was a serving reg C/I?
  4. Forest Cop

    DCO/ACO positions

    Just wondered which forces currently have a Deputy SC Chief Officer (DCO) and/or Assistant (ACO) in their structure. Have spent a bit of time searching, but haven't found a collated table of ranks/grades for the various forces anywhere central - and it would be useful to have up to date info. Am asking just for research purposes. Caveat - I'm not looking for a debate on whether these positions should/shouldn't exist, or whether they are a "rank" or a "grade" - just the facts on their existence. An idea of the current establishment/number of SCs in total would also be very useful. thanks in advance
  5. Forest Cop

    September intake

    Any of you on here in the September intake? If so, I know you have been patient, and well done for striking with it!
  6. Forest Cop


    Have a chat to the trainers about books etc, they will have copies of most that you can look at before buying. My personal opinion is that the blackstone books would be over doing it, at least initially. Great to meet you all on tuesday, hope it was worth it. I do talk too much sometimes! EGB
  7. Forest Cop


    On the boots, you will get as many opinions as there are officers! I personally also wear altbergs but you won't get them for the allowance... It is a very personal preference. If you look on the kit section the forum, you will see loads of existing threads that are worth a read. On postings, you should have been asked during the process so fa. If you weren't, and you do have a preference, please let resourcing know pretty sharp as the initial postings are being discussed. If you want to also let me know by PM on here, I will see what can be done but I make no promises. It does depend a lot on where we have got tutors, and can therefore provide support. It is possible, but not certain, that some people may be asked to do an initial period at one station (to be tutored) and them move later.
  8. Forest Cop


    Glad you are all making progress and looking forward to starting! I will see you on the 20th, and then regularly during your training. You'll enjoy it: tough but great fun.
  9. Forest Cop


    They should ask you for a preference later in the process. Even if they don't, it's not permanent and can be sorted out easily.
  10. Forest Cop


    It is unfortunate that we are limited in the class size we can handle. I know it's frustrating to have waited so long. Good luck to those who have a place, with their fitness, medical, etc. With the fitness, in particular, remember that you will take it more than once - initially to pass recruitment but then again when you do the safety training during the course. Some people let it slip a bit after the initial test and struggle at the safety training. If anyone has particular preferences for where they want to be based, do make sure you let resourcing know. It is not possible to guarantee anything, as it depends on where we have tutors, etc, but we do try to account for preference if we can. Anything I can provide help with do let me know, but all official comms will come from Resourcing who run the processes up to when you start training.
  11. Forest Cop


    Pleased things are moving. I am aware of the training start date, and am just sorry that we won't be able to take everyone at first! I do know you have all been very patient and that is really appreciated. For those who do make it through the medical etc (and good luck to all!) I will see you on the first session!
  12. Forest Cop

    Senior Leadership Development Programme

    When I went, it was working dress (shirtsleeves, I assume black tops for those forces wear them now) during the working day, civvies in the bar (that was at GMP). It's a good course.
  13. Forest Cop


    I don't know what update you have been sent, or by whom, but just to say that we (by which I mean the SC managers) do plan to set some things up. It is taking a while though and I am sorry about that. Hopefully you have been given some details about the next stages in the formal process, what I am talking about is more informal and locally based. .
  14. Forest Cop

    National Specials Conference- whose going?

    I just got home from the conference and would like to echo the thanks to those of you who helped so cheerfully and effectively. Well done, you helped make it a good conference. .
  15. Forest Cop


    Just to avoid you hunting for detail that isn't there yet, this is still an intent rather than any firm plans. But it's definitely something we want to do: we are well aware how long the gap is.