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  1. Damsel

    Honesty & Integrity

    Well, we've started over with a clean slate Steve, and everyone (well, at least most people) deserve a second chance.
  2. Damsel

    BNP "Forget" to remember.

    Just goes to show the level of "intelligence" that we're dealing with when it comes to the BNP. Source: Independent.
  3. As this isn't really about policing, I'll move it to "Real World"
  4. Damsel

    Honesty & Integrity

    They will include all of the posts that were not being critical (directly or indirectly) of the new forum, or the people that choose to use it. It has been agreed that the two forums will leave each other alone in that way, and will fail or prosper (hopefully the latter) on their own merits.
  5. Damsel

    Honesty & Integrity

    Because we have reached an agreement with the other forum. We removed our thread, and they'll remove theirs. Life is too short for bad blood and it's time to move on. When I have a moment tomorrow, I'll pick out the important posts and move them to a separate thread so that they aren't removed from view.
  6. Damsel

    New law re displaying a vehicle tax disc

    Assuming that you mean April 2015 (and not 14). Yes, you can remove it. The offence of 'failing to display' has been removed from statute.
  7. It can get worse than that I'm afraid. You get your compliant stop ticket, and then a person that you're trying to stop, doesn't. You don't half look like a right fool when you've got to let them go because you can't initiate a pursuit. Whilst I understand the policy, it doesn't help as you're watching the tail lights disappear.
  8. Pretty much exactly the same as AnthonyB for Avon & Somerset when I did my course. Very little to it bar common sense really.
  9. Damsel

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Welcome back We're good here thanks. Yourself? Long time no see/speak/type. Obviously, and as you've noticed things have changed around here, but we're hoping that we can make this work, even if it is hard work. The main thing for us is saving the forum (even from itself) so we're giving it a go. Whether or not we succeed remains to be seen of course.
  10. Damsel

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    A good & fair point. I'd not edited my sig, I shall do so now.
  11. Damsel

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    Sorry, I'd hit the wrong button and deleted my own post :D
  12. Damsel

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    I'd wager, less of a god and more of the fool who stuck his head over the parapet
  13. Obligation, maybe not. But I'd put money on the fact that they'll still respond regardless. It's like it's in the DNA, much like police officers and ambulance staff. I remember well the last ambulance strike, going back quite a few years. I came across a major RTA (as it was then) in the middle of the night on the A40 just outside St Clears in Wales. Several ambulances (all crewed by striking ambulance staff) turned up. It's just what they do.
  14. Damsel

    At the end of the runway....

    Did anyone happen to notice the Daily Maul Online (yes, I know, and I'm sorry) on 26th Oct. But there are some absolutely great shots of a Tornado at low level. Clicky
  15. Damsel

    YouTube Thread

    Now, here's someone with far too much time and money on their hands.... The Addams Family AC/DC "Hells Bells" Lady GaGa "Pokerface" And my personal favourite... Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody"
  16. Must resist saying that we couldn't be that lucky. NO! Bad Damsel!!! From looking at the video footage a couple of times, there was no way that it was 'an accidental contact', and it sounds like someone has rolled out the arrse covering, big time.
  17. Damsel

    Selling petrol

    I suppose technically it should be declared as earnings so that HMRC can have another slice of the pie in the form of income tax. The person might also need a fuel storage licence, as well as a fuel sales licence (both from the local council) issued in accordance with the Petroleum (regulations) Act and probably reams and reams of paper from the HSE.
  18. Damsel

    Anagram for gran again

  19. Quiet tonight, isn't it :new_doh2:
  20. Damsel

    MSN newsPCSO had sex on duty, court told

    I agree. But if he's done as accused, he deserves everything that's about to rain down on him from a great height. However, that's an atrociously written article. Well, which is it? He can't be both. The what now?
  21. Whilst I'm sure there are a few good ones (there has to be, simply on the balance of probability), based on the RSPCA "Inspectors" that I've had the misfortune to work with in the past, I wouldn't trust a lot of them to drive, never mind giving them quasi police powers. Their hearts are certainly in the right place (the "inspectors" at least), but let's not, for gods sake, give them any actual powers. The ones that some of them seem to think they have at the moment are bad enough. To have the RSPCA having the power to, for example, force entry to premises, will only result in more and more calls to police to come and bail them out of the brown stuff that they've landed themselves in. At least with the way things are at the moment, they get a police presence, as soon as it's possible, and the police are in attendance from the start, hopefully before it all kicks off. As for prosecution powers, well, they can already bring private prosecutions (as can anyone else of course), but I still think that for criminal prosecutions then the police should be involved. Giving the likes of the RSPCA this power directly, would I think, just add yet another layer to the already overloaded justice system. The oft heard "who polices the police" springs to mind here. Who would 'police' the RSPCA? And what would be stopping them cocking things up and prosecuting either incorrectly, without proper grounds or worse, the wrong people?
  22. Warning. Contains content that some people may find disturbing. But this is what should be shown on TV! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq2xStb0R-c Link to Dereham Times newspaper article
  23. Ahh ok, based purely on the article, I can see where you're coming from in that case.
  24. I know I've only picked up on one part of the whole post Chewie, but that's not really fair. Debate the rights and wrongs of the case by all means, that's what this forum is here for, but having a mains inverter in the car to produce the 240V of electricity needed to charge the food pump isn't "luck". That would be akin to saying that when I turn my tap on, water is produced by 'magic'.
  25. Damsel

    Just for David.....

    Only 118 days til Christmas.... Another couple of weeks and Bas will have his decorations down from the loft :D