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  1. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    They're very much on point haha.
  2. Thanks all for the replies, much appreciated - I'll probably speak with my trainer (I start very soon) and see if anything can be done. I always thought that allocation for volunteers would be flexible. Owen - have replied in the other topic RE areas.
  3. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    Oh, that's even more bizarre! Re-read the e-mail and it definitely says K - Wigan. Hadn't even noticed the mistake. I also emailed to ask about changing this allocation (quoting K - Wigan) and was told that the decision cannot be changed. Very odd.. I've been told to speak to my trainer about it during training to see if anything can be done. Trafford, Stockport and Manchester Centre (M, J and A) were my choices. I'll have to see what's said during training but it doesn't sound hopeful. Maybe they've recently changed the allocations so that allocation is based on demand and not on personal preference?
  4. Hello everybody. I've recently been told that I've been allocated a division which was not my first, second or third preference, and that these decisions cannot be changed. Has anybody ever experienced this? My allocated division is less than convenient and is actually quite impractical. Have many SCs received areas that they didn't want, and have HR been flexible or quite restrictive? I thought, being a volunteer, they'd be quite flexible?
  5. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    Hi GraphicalFusion - sorry about my late reply also. I was strongly considering the M but I've been told that I'm now allocated to Wigan (K) and that there is nothing that can be done to change this. Slightly confused as Wigan was never one of my choices and it's quite inconvenient for me. From everybody that I have chatted to, it seems that 90% of people get their first choice, and the remainder get at least their second or third choices. I did think that I would have had more say over where I work being a volunteer?
  6. Jre

    INPT or Response

    Hello all, I'm not a serving officer, but I believe that PCs generally work either Neighbourhood policing or Response now, at least in GMP, if not all over the UK? I wondered which role most PCs choose, response or neighbourhood? I know this will be a personal choice dependant upon a number of factors but I wondered if there was more competition for one over the other? As I understand it, response officers cover the 24hr period whereas neighbourhood officers cover 07.00-00.00 (no shifts between 00.00 and 07.00).
  7. Jre

    Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Hi Beaker, thanks for that. It's difficult to gauge what constitutes 'reasonable grounds' to search somebody, but I'm not currently an officer so haven't had any training on the issue. It's an interesting topic as I'm sure it's quite subjective.
  8. Jre

    Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Thanks for the reply Beaker - I assume, if some dealers only carry enough for the arranged meet, that it's quite difficult to prove who the prolific dealers are? Lets say that you went after male #2 (the customer) and asked a few questions but you weren't satisfied with the answers and you believed that he's in possession of a controlled substance. You search him and find drugs - does this then give you enough grounds to stop male #1 if you see him in the same location on the same day 'loitering' ?
  9. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    Thanks Popeye, will do! It's good to know anyway. I'll give some serious thought to the issue of where to work - definitely thinking the M but as I live on the M, I may opt for the other side. Thanks again for your advice.
  10. Jre

    Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Let's say there intel on the area for drug offences, but the two males at this point in time are not known to you. If either male #1 or male #2 dart off from you, is this grounds to give chase and conduct a stop search? (Providing they have no explanation as to why they saw you and ran). My concern with searching male No2 is that yes, he may have drugs on him, but without seeing exactly what was handed to him you can't say for sure that male No 1 is a dealer/supplier. Therefore you may catch a customer but not the dealer. My concern with searching male No1 is that he may have nothing else on him except for cash, and potentially you've lost out on stopping male No2 and finding drugs.
  11. You're on routine foot patrol, alone. You turn a corner and witness male No1 hand something to another male No2 in exchange for cash. You're not sure what male No1 handed to male No2. Both see you, and quickly walk away in different directions. Who, if anybody, do you speak to / stop (bearing in mind you're alone and they're now heading in different directions) and would you have grounds to search either of the males? Thanks.
  12. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    Thanks for the advice Popeye, much appreciated. Do SC's ever work where they live, I.e. Live on the north, also police on the north?... or is this prohibited? The council tax discount sounds great. I had heard rumours about some form of discount but wasn't sure on how much / when it applies.
  13. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    Thanks Popeye, I have considered the City of Manchester but I'm unsure. Working within Trafford would allow me to get to know my own community better - although on the flip side some officers say that it best not to work too closely to home. Do you know roughly how many SCs work on the M?
  14. Jre

    Trafford Specials

    Hi Popeye, I'm up to the medical stage. Do you work on the M?
  15. Hi everyone, Does anybody currently work on the Trafford division as a Special? Particularly interested in working within the Sale or Altrincham areas and wondered what people's experiences were like. Thanks in advance.