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  1. Hoofing

    University dissertation help

    Hi Ann-Marie, Have sent you a DM which hopefully you’ll find useful.
  2. Hoofing

    Royal Wedding October 2018

    I was at the wedding too. A&S provided a 1 and 6.
  3. “The public interest outweighs HN81’s rights”... says it all there really doesn’t it.
  4. I just don’t understand some people at all... I really don’t.
  5. Hoofing

    Special Sergeants Exam

    As long as the special sergeants are still only responsible for managing special constables once they have sat the exam then I don’t see it as a bad idea.
  6. Shocking footage and I hope the officers involved are OK. However, I do feel as though the officers should not have been at the front of the vehicle whilst the driver, who clearly wanted to get away was still behind the driver seat in full control of the vehicle.
  7. Hoofing

    New Torch

    My issued LED lenser is great for the first week with new batteries. After that it may as well just emit nothing...
  8. Moved to Real World.
  9. Hoofing

    Force switching

    Recruitment Query Not Permitted On Your Account This has been posted in the wrong area of the forum. Your account does not have an active membership or a current Recruitment Pass. You must post your topic in the Recruitment Area or Force Specific Areas of our forum Recruitment Pass A Recruitment Pass can be purchased for 1 month (£3.95) or 3 months (£7.95) and is renewable. During its active period you will be able to create as many topics and make as many replies as you like in the Force Specific Areas and the Recruitment sections of our forum. CLICK HERE to purchase a Recruitment Pass Membership Plans You can purchase an annual Silver Membership Package for just £15 which will give you unrestricted access to the Recruitment Sections and to all of the Force Specific Areas. We also include access to the exclusive VIP areas. Click HERE to see all of the benefits of a Membership Package. We also have our Gold Membership which gives global Gold Membership across all four of our forums and is a one time lifetime fee and we even throw in a FREE mug. Forums included are www.police.community, www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk, www.policespecials.com and www.policeuk.com CLICK HERE to purchase a Membership Plan This thread has been locked as the original poster has posted this in an area of the forum where it is not permitted and their account does not currently have the required permissions.
  10. Hoofing

    Accessorising Kit

    I don't think there's anybody on my team (minus supervisors) that do not wear the TBL patch somewhere on their person. It's actually pretty rare here to find someone not wearing a TBL patch or pin, etc.
  11. Hoofing

    Routine Arming of Officers

    To be honest, I'd like to see routine arming of officers a thing. However, I still can't see it happening any great time soon. I still don't understand why taser isn't issued to everyone but alas.
  12. Warrant card, proximity card, driving license, police fed membership card, debit card, gym member card and McDonald's coffee bean thing. It doubles up as my wallet and is always in my pocket. I can feel when it's not there, it's a part of me now.
  13. Police squad as headed by Frank Drebin.
  14. Hoofing

    Kit Vest or Duty Belt?

    I've just got myself a MOLLE tac vest. The belt has just caused me too many issues and it isn't practical is most circumstances these days; especially getting in these bloody cars.
  15. Hoofing

    BBC: Term-time holiday dad loses court battle

    Moved to Real World.