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    ex Matelot, Ambulance Tech... North Yorkshire Police hopeful.

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  1. Griff92

    North Yorks Regs

    Start in october! Anyone else?
  2. Griff92

    North Yorks Regs

    Congrats! I'm just waiting for the final pre employment checks and a confirmed start date!
  3. Griff92

    North Yorks Regs

    Hey Davis249. How did your interview go?. I recently had mine and have made it through to medical and Fitness.
  4. Hello all, I've just found out I am on the training course starting this sat, Is there anyone else on this course on here?
  5. Griff92

    SC Transfer

    I've sent an email to HR so hopefully hear something soon. I'd be looking around the Leeds area. Are you West Yorkshire?
  6. Griff92

    SC Transfer

    I've sent an email to HR so hopefully hear something soon. I'd be looking around the Leeds area. Are you West Yorkshire?
  7. Griff92

    SC Transfer

    Hello all. I am a current SC in a northern force , I travel an hour to my current force so I have no problem in travelling a little South, I am looking at moving and have looked at various other forces, I am just wondering if WYP are recruiting experienced IPS specials? What's the process like? do you get to keep IPS? Thanks Paul
  8. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    Oh perfect ! Hopefully I am not far behind you!
  9. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    Glad it's back mate. How long in total was yours away for ?
  10. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    I am starting late July if my Vetting comes back. I only need to do three update training weekends with already being a SC. But as Mr Random States .. nagging isn't a bad thing when it comes to HR in any force in my past experience
  11. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    I hope you find out , or they make that decision to allow you on the course or not. Oh definitely packing and not being able to go!
  12. Griff92

    SC Transferee

  13. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    I rang HR today and she said she would be chasing my vetting up.. See what happens. I've completed a medical questionaire but heard nothing back and HR have said everything is completed. Apparently they are short staffed in Verting but it should be back as already vetted so ahould be rather quick.
  14. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    Oh I haven't had any email regarding accommodation, I may give HR a ring next week if I haven't heard anything. Oh really ? My original vetting for my current force was two weeks so hoping this is just as quick.
  15. Griff92

    SC Transferee

    Hey Matt! I am still awaiting my vetting to come back! But I live well out of the 70 mile range ! Hoping it comes back soon, How long did yours take to come back ?