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  1. NottinghamMan93

    Boots, Boots, Boots

    Agreed with the above! Does take some getting used to when driving and i've been forcing myself to drive in them to get used to it in case i ever move to cop and have to drive on blues! Otherwise, great boots! Well recommended:)
  2. NottinghamMan93

    Notts chatter

    21a, two weeks and counting
  3. NottinghamMan93

    Notts chatter

    Pcso in training, based in st Anns in three weeks time
  4. NottinghamMan93


    That's brilliant! Thank you!
  5. NottinghamMan93

    Boots, Boots, Boots

    After wearing these for about 3 months... i'll never look back! They are brilliantly warm and comfy... feel like they would take you through anything. Only problem i had is they are quite rigid and so you have to get used to driving in them (And i don't do blue lights!). I found if you just move the seat back and use your toe, they are fine for driving:) Great boot either way!
  6. NottinghamMan93


    No, i will ask the question when i get to station:) Wondering if it was an old thing as i can't see them issuing two badge holders for the sake of it... thanks
  7. NottinghamMan93


    Anyone know where i would get one of the leather wallets with cap badge from? Our Id cards are issued in a blue card holder with a 'Nottinghamshire Police' blue lanyard but i'm not a fan of having it around my neck whilst on duty. My cap badge isn't the same the our PC's as ours is the E:R rounded badge and theirs is the star? In addiction to the above, i have seen quite a few of our PCSO's with them however not got chance to ask them as i'm not at my station yet:)
  8. NottinghamMan93

    Boots, Boots, Boots

    Ladies and Gents... i am moving roles and so im due some new boots. After years of admiring ex military guys Alterbergs and Lowas... im now stuck as what to get! However, i seem to be finding more better reviews regarding the wear of the sole for Lowas than Alterbergs, so think ill settle for lowas. However, id just like to throw in this paid of boots as i have had them a year now and are so comfy! I can no longer find my model for sale, however when they were given to me to trial, i wasn't too happy with the look... but the comfort was amazing! Cant help feeling all their boots will be the same! Worth a buy as an alternative...and on offer at the moment! http://www.patrolstore.com/bates-boots.html?gclid=CPXp9Z3um7wCFQsCwwodjm4A6w
  9. NottinghamMan93


    I Second this comment. Notts PCSO's are brilliant with using the powers given. I find out tomorrow if i have secured the job as one but currently work alongside them as a CPO. Of course, there are some lazy ones who do complain its boring etc... but that is down to the fact they sit in the office all day and don't create or find work for themselves. This job is a very much self motivated role and you have to go find jobs and make an effort possibly more than PC as they are busy being sent to the jobs rather than going out to find them. I find the only people who are negative about the role in Notts are the ones who have been a PC for years and have burnt out and got fed up of the role... they moan about every possible change in the force and plod along in their own little world only doing their own jobs. I work very closely with the ones on my team, and i know they'd happily support me in any situation and are often there before PCs. Yes, they are a new(ish) feature that SOME old school PC's may find hard to accept, but they actually do a hell of a lot of work and are highly valued in the community...just not by those idiots who feel that informing them they are not real cops may suddenly surprise and offend them! In all honesty, i think they get a harder time off some of the cops than the people on civi street. PS: Please note, i certainly do not mean all old school cops hate PCSO's and change... i also happen to have some old schoolers in my team too who are some of the best cops i've seen and love PCSO's and what they do! They don't mess around, but know how to speak to people and reason with them and if it doesn't work...they end up in cuffs face down in seconds. This is also on my list of consideration for PC... but as stated by someone else, Notts already had all the powers possible, so our guys use the ones you stated too. Personally, i've found that there isn't much you can't deal with using these powers. Good bit of advice:)
  10. NottinghamMan93

    CNC or Civil Nuclear Constabulary... yes or no?

    Thanks for the help all, especially Mdon. There only seems to be their website out there for info and of course, these questions etc are not often covered. I understand the not being able to transfer bit, but cant help feel the experience may help when applying for 'regular' forces. Still sounds appealing as a differant direction from the Police forces, will Pm you Mdon with a couple more questions if that's OK:) Thanks all! Matt
  11. NottinghamMan93

    Police Blackberry phone holders/cases.

    Appologies, not been on for a while! The force brought them and provided me with one despite the claims of them damaging phones...glad its not my property! Thanks anyway!
  12. Hi all, I recently am looking at the CNC or Civil Nuclear Constabulary with the aim of joining as its not as popular as the regulars but means i'd complete my two years probation as a AFO and have all my training in half the time (Hopefully!) So... i can't find anything on them other than their own website and wikipedia. Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this force/constabulary and any advice people could offer as its obviously a different role to normal PC. Thanks!
  13. NottinghamMan93

    Police Blackberry phone holders/cases.

    So in my new job, i was excited when i saw how good Ottorbox were on the work blackberry's and impressed with the holster that came with it. However, after getting the new version phone, i was told the Ottorbox for mine had been discontinued and so unable to be supplied... I've found them still for sale but reviews back up the fact they have been removed from sale by people talking about the constant problems with the new design of case and its new way of being held into the holster (Which is the main reason i want one!) So basically i was wondering if there is any other brands out there that offer the Holster option as this would be really useful when at work even if it meant less phone protection as Blackberry's don't seem to last long with or without a hard case anyway from my experience. I've seen the pouches but not a big lover of them, prefer the Ottorbox style.
  14. NottinghamMan93


    Community Protection Officers, Police community Support Officers and Police in Nottingham are issued with Fenix LD20 like the army. Brilliant piece of kit with adjustable beam size and strobe effect which we're not allowed to use in case the persons epileptic... but were designed as a non lethal defense for someone coming towards you! Also have a clip on them which is perfect for clipping to the loops on your stabby to light up the path whilst walking or writing...Highly recommend and it only uses 2x AA batteries. http://www.fenixtorch.co.uk/led_torches/fenix-ld20-r4.html Further to the last, they kindly engraved our collar numbers on the plate that's on them to stop people stealing them!
  15. NottinghamMan93

    Base Layers

    The sports direct things are brilliant! I've worn my short sleeve shirt today with just my stabby and this layer under it... was so warm! Well worth £7ish pound!!