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A new hope

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  1. A new hope

    WM PC recruitment 17/18

    Hey Guys, Was just wondering if anyone was going through the recruitment at the moment. Ive just passed me assessment centre and waiting for the next stage, not sure if anyone else is on here?
  2. A new hope

    Warrant card for travel

    Yea but just stating what I know to be true on London midland.
  3. A new hope

    Warrant card for travel

    I do know that you can get free travel on London midland trains, this is solely supported by London midland as my father in law works for them and says they take a vote on whether police officers are allowed free travel on the trains. However this comes at the price of having to intervene if anything is to happen on the trains so not really recommended.
  4. Hey guys not sure whether this has already been covered couldn't see anything. If I was to apply for one force and was successful at the assessment centre could i then use those results and apply for a different force without re doing the assessment centre?
  5. A new hope

    Issued Uniform & Driving Permissions

    It Has now been introduced that starting this year specails will be able to do the blue light response course. This will take upto three weeks full time to achieve, you must also be inderpenddant and have obtained your basic ticket and compliant stop ticket. you will also need your line managers approval. Also new this year is that specials are able to obtain PSU training after you gain inderpendancy. Also you are able to become a OPU special.
  6. A new hope

    Budget Cuts

    When i was going throught the recruitment stages with the specails we had to go on hold for a year due to the budget cuts which was frustrating but as soon as they could they picked it back up again. I am now a serving specail and wouldnt change it for the world!
  7. A new hope

    Issued Uniform & Driving Permissions

    Yeah that's correct, my group was the last group to receive White shirts in August last year for west Mercia
  8. A new hope

    Issued Uniform & Driving Permissions

    We only wear helmets whilst on foot patrol etc not whilst on responce
  9. Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered the same problem as me. Basicaly when I left school you didn't need any formal qualifications to join the police. Unfortunatly school was not my strongest point in life and I came away with D and E grade GCSE'S so I went to collage and done a public service course just to help myself get ahead and then went out and got a load of life experience as there was no recruitment for 8 years now recruitment is going crazy I can't apply for anything as I haven't got the A levels or level 3 qualifications. I can't afford to go back to collage. I wondered if anyone else was in the same boat? I'm just coming to the end of my training as a special and figures so far my only option is to be a special for 3 years unles anyone has any ideas?
  10. A new hope

    West Mercia Local Interview

    I'm doing training at the moment, it's all the vetting etc can take time
  11. A new hope

    Current Recruitment Statuses

    They are planing on recruiting till 2016
  12. A new hope

    Current Recruitment Statuses

    West Mercia are currently recruiting strongly for PC
  13. A new hope

    West Mercia Local Interview

    What is this for? Specials, CSO or reg
  14. A new hope

    Finally finished!

    Starting training next week! Can't wait!! Well done mate!! Maybe see you on the mean streets
  15. A new hope

    Your guide to VETTING

    Hi because I had defaults on my account they rang and spoke to me and done a credit check every month for three months, they can do it at any point of vetting.