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  1. Hi, I seen one of your post on vetting appeal topic. I was wanting to contact you as I have also been refused vetting clearance due to a reprimand at age 16 for same offence as you which was 10 years ago. I was wondering if you could share light on your success. Thanks

  2. Not operational info. Boris Johnson had an article about it somewhere stating that he's done it for public reassurance and that having rounds in the magazines come across as too aggressive. I'll dig it out
  3. The guards on posts have bayonets fixed but no rounds in the magazines.
  4. CR8623

    New Met Beemer

    We don't have them on our area cars... Only traffic or other operational support services vehicles.
  5. Paris is swarming with Armed Soldiers. It's good to see that they are protecting their assests.
  6. CR8623

    CNC Anti depressant

    Speak to HR. They will best advise you.
  7. CR8623

    New Met Beemer

    Vehicle usage markings Armed response vehicle (ARV) five-edged star, ★ Traffic/incident response vehicle (IRV) circle, ● Dog support unit (DSU) triangle, ▲ Public order (PO) personnel carrier square, ◼
  8. CR8623

    New Met Beemer

    The orange circle on the roof designates it as a traffic mobile.
  9. Yes there needs to be a need for TASER now. Yes they should start looking into training and issuing officers with firearms.
  10. CR8623

    OCP - Specials numbers and taskings

    TS02024 - Contravene Bus/Cylce Lane * A non-endorsable fixed penalty notice can be issued if this sign is supported by a local traffic regulation order.
  11. CR8623


    Because it's a public forum. Free speech and all that
  12. CR8623


    It's not stupid at all. If they want to find it, then it's for them to do so. I'm not just going to give out addresses whether they're on the tinterwebnet or not.
  13. CR8623


    Haha. It's right though- we shouldn't be providing anonymous people with address to police stations. If they want to do their own Google search then sobeit. But I wont (and I hope no one else on the forum does) provides them with addresses for police stations. Especially with the recent terrorist plots etc.
  14. CR8623

    Thoughts about new area policy

    It's the same for SYP...