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  1. robbo1982

    Just starting out

    SB123. Hows it going now? ;-)
  2. robbo1982

    ACPO Police Car of the Future

    We actually had one of these on loan as our main response car went BACK to Vauxhall AGAIN for repair. I'll give them their due, it was nippy despite all the gadgets. HOWEVER....none of them worked i.e GPS, Laptop, In car computer, CCTV, ANPR etc as it was a demo car. But should this type of kit be chosen, I can see it being very well received. Just think the price tag would be a little steep, especially in times where cuts are being made.
  3. robbo1982

    Vauxhall Astra's

    Sorry if this has been posted before.......What are your views of the Vauxhall Astra as a patrol vehicle? Do you use estate or hatch? We use the estate diesel. Nice boot room, comfy motor, but not much power and handling is almost non existent.
  4. robbo1982

    What is that...?

    It's an awesome bit of kit. As Lincs is a rural area, we often deal with RTC's on country roads, When RPU turn up in the X5 they light up the scene with it. :-)
  5. robbo1982

    disqualified drive

    You stop someone for disqualified driving. Do you arrest or report. If arrest what's the necessity for it. I've seen different people do different things and would like to see people's opinions
  6. robbo1982

    I need everyone's help.....

    I'm a freeman of the land I only abide by common law......!!!!!
  7. robbo1982

    Rules around police and helmets?

    Always wear your hat when out and about. If your popping out the car for a few minutes then ok but if your walking about best to wear it.
  8. robbo1982

    Should SCs be allowed to be attached to Response?

    In Lincs specials are assigned a mentor. We no longer have the response\Not split. We have a pc beat manager and pcso's on NPT. Everyone else is response. Simply as there isn't enough of us to split. Specials are assigned a mentor who is response and attachments are arranged with different sections I.e RPU, Dogs etc. There is a competency checklist to go thru covering a wide range of things to be signed off before going independent. From there specials can respond to jobs as they come in. Help with diary appointments. Do NPT work if they wish. I'm an ex WYP special now Pc in Lincs
  9. robbo1982

    ACPO Police Car of the Future

    The tech looks amazing, but most likely adds to the cost of the vehicle which in todays financial climate would cripple a fleet managers budget i guess. Also, we have gone to the new astras along with a few of our surrounding colleagues. I still see differences in the kit that has been put in them (ANPR, blue bars etc).
  10. robbo1982

    Banned drivers

    Bypassed by putting the sun visor down!! unfortunatley
  11. robbo1982

    Roof Markings - What do they mean?

    Not all forces put numbers on the roof of their vehicles
  12. Hi all, I currently work at Stamford police station as a regular PC and I am also a mentor for Specials. If you need any info or advice, please feel free to drop me a PM. Robbo
  13. robbo1982

    Ncalt + Mac = ?

    Is there anyway to run it on a mac without having to boot windows etc?
  14. robbo1982

    Do WYP do a hair test for specials?

    When did they introduce that?? When I joined HD they didnt have it (around 2003)
  15. robbo1982

    January Intake

    Im a reg at stamford. If you need any info etc pm me.