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  1. AM12

    Dealing with someone you know

    I would be very cautious before getting too involved with the incident and ask for a colleague to deal with them. It's dangerous territory, in my opinion. Associations with victims, suspects or witnesses could be seen to compromise the outcome of an investigation (e.g. if you knew a suspect, you might be accused of covering up evidence, or if you knew a witness, encouraging them to make false statements). There are also situations which might affect your own life. Dealing with a friend's domestic, for example, can be highly personal, and arresting your friend might not be the best way to go, especially if they know where you live. It can happen, especially in rural areas, and I would never refuse to attend a call just because I knew someone, but I certainly wouldn't be wanting to get too involved if it were to result in arrests etc.
  2. AM12

    Warrant cards

    Yes, they did. We got new ones just after the change back in April 2013. Same old mugshot, though.
  3. AM12

    Section 13 suspect

    The way I would look at it is that the details are verified once I am 100% sure who I'm dealng with, so if it takes more than a PNC check to establish whether or not a person's details are correct, then so be it.
  4. AM12

    Speed detection

    Yes, potthead's right. The Police often use IRS (Instrument Repair Service) to calibrate their speedos and if the calibration is up to date, this can be used for evidential purposes.
  5. I've never found it easy when young children are involved in incidents, especially the more serious ones. Speaking to the relatives of a deceased person isn't easy, either. Sometimes other officers can be difficult to work with, but as long as you act as any other reasonable person would do, you should be fine. If they're still difficult to work with, there's a good chance others find them difficult to work with, too.
  6. AM12

    S172 ... what next?

    A legal disclaimer is bound to be added to this thread at some point, but I'd visit the person you issued the 172 to and if the details turn out to be false, you could consider fixing him with Failing to Provide under s.172 (3), or potentially, Perverting the Course of Justice.
  7. It's really important to have your health insurance number on you at all times, as well as some form of ID. The Rockerfeller Center is great for views of the Manhattan skyline, and of the Empire State. There are so many places to visit, though. Central Park (as well as Strawberry Fields, close to John Lennon's Dakota Apartments), Flatiron Building, Macy's Department Store, the West Village, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Little Italy, MoMA and some other museums and galleries, if that's your thing. The list goes on and on. Whatever you do, you'll enjoy it! It's an amazing place.
  8. AM12

    Edinburgh tram

    In L&B, you were allowed to use your warrant card when travelling to and from duty on Lothian Buses only. It did come in handy a few times, instead of paying £3 for a nightbus after a Backshift. Now, you can only get free travel when on duty and in full uniform and it was emphasised on the intranet that the driver can still make you pay for it.
  9. AM12

    Special in training

    Slurred speech, bloodshot or glazed eyes, loss of balance, problems with answering basic questions, a strong smell of alcohol from breath could all be used. As well as this, you would bring into account the driving behaviour that you've witnessed.
  10. AM12

    Scottish Sovereigns

    Yes, twice, though it didn't last too long after I offered to deal with it by means of handcuffs, a cell and a charge for obstruction.
  11. If her father's actions were disproportionate (i.e. the young male was not reaching for/pointing a lethal weapon), the girl could use the defence that she did not expect her father to react in such a way. Of course, the article doesn't mention what the young male was reaching for, which is the most important element. Whether the father's actions were culpable or justifiable would depend on this.
  12. AM12

    G4S jobs and being in the specials.

    There's a chance it could be a conflict of interest, but it all depends on your personal situation. The best thing is to get in touch with recruitment at G4S.
  13. AM12

    The wait is killing me

    I passed my vetting about 3 months before starting. Which area have you applied to? Have you done your uniform fitting?
  14. AM12

    Opinions Please

    bazzyf, I don't think you have too much to worry about. I had an appendectomy about a year and a half before I applied. The operation resulted in a few adhesions, which I still have, and cause me pain a few times a month. It doesn't affect my ability to carry out my duties, though. I'd say that once they know about your operation and can be sure that it's not going to affect you operationally, you'll get a pass in your Medical. Obviously, the side effects from your operation are that you're not as immune to infections as you were before, but as this can be normally treated with antibiotics, I doubt they'd have a problem with it. Good luck!
  15. Hi there, Just to let you know, if you're planning on using this, there's a good chance you may have to have it approved by your force first. You'll have to have a reason for using it, as well, instead of using your normal duty belt (back pain etc). You may know this already, but just thought I'd tell you.
  16. At speeds like that, a good telling off, followed by a report to court is what I'd do, and I suppose there isn't a greater punishment than being sent to court. It would be good in some cases, to make them attend a hard-hitting road safety course for a few hours. I think that sometimes, people think the only possible consequence of using a mobile whilst driving is being stopped by police and being issued with a ticket or given a court date, ending in a few points and a fine. They don't actually think that another consequence is hitting someone and killing them. Mobile phone drivers need to wake up to that reality, and showing them the shocking results of their selfish actions may help them in doing so.
  17. AM12

    Specials Recruitment

    Lothian and Borders Police have just opened recruitment for Specials for the September 2013 intake. Details at http://www.lbp.police.uk/about_us/careers/special_constable_recruitment.aspx
  18. AM12

    People when you tell them your a PC/SC/Applying

    Yeah, I suppose that's how it'll always be. It's like a label that goes with you and people will see you as, for example, 'John, the police officer', not just 'John'. It's your choice what you decide to do with your life and you shouldn't let other people get in the way of that. People can get cagey and weird when you tell them what you do, but it's just part of the job, really. Most of the time, I don't think you'd have to bring the subject up at all in conversation (I certainly wouldn't be heard blurting it out at the local pub) and the people you do mention it to, such as close friends and relatives, would hopefully be supportive of what you do. Some of the time, the people who aren't supportive of what you do aren't really the people you want to mix with anyway. A lot of my friends haven't got a clue, and they don't need to know. Good luck for the recruitment process.
  19. AM12

    Regular recruitment

    I don't think anything will happen now until after the Reform, which is at the beginning of April. After that, applications will be to Police Scotland, rather than to Lothian and Borders, for example. The training process, altogether, is two years and recruitment could be around 6 months. This could all change, though, with the new single force.
  20. AM12

    Dress code for PIR test?

    Yes, definitely shirt and tie. When I did mine, there were people who were turned away at the door for wearing jeans and a shirt. We were told that business dress was the dress code for the whole recruitment process. Throughout training, they also emphasised the importance of maintaining uniform, so I'd say it's really important. Good luck with your test!
  21. AM12

    Photo sharing

    Picasa might be a good option. I don't use it, but I know it does what you're looking for.
  22. AM12

    Modules at Tulliallan?

    I think those topics - Police in Community, Diversity etc. are the topics covered within Module 2, where you are looking at the more academic/theoretical side of policing at Tulliallan. The word 'module' is used to define the different phases of your whole two-year training. Hopefully that makes sense and good luck with your application!
  23. AM12

    North and south

    As Giraffe says, the Specials in Scotland get a bit of money for what they do. The minimum number of hours you have to do in order to be eligible for this is 180 hours, which isn't a lot at all. rabbit is also right - the laws up here are very different. Corroboration is a fundamental part of Scots Law. There are many other pieces of legislation, such as the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, which are used commonly, but only in Scotland, as the title suggests. Likewise, there is a lot of legislation which is restricted to England and Wales and cannot be used in Scotland. In this way, Specials in England and Wales will get different training than in Scotland, when it comes to legislation. Nevertheless, we all do the same job, no matter which country we're in.
  24. In Lothian and Borders, they did my Vetting before my Medical. I wasn't told that I'd passed until a good while later, when I phoned them up to ask about something else. At the moment, you might want to just keep to 'no news is good news', because at this stage, it's just a waiting game. Good luck!
  25. AM12

    What do specials do

    Hi there, Maybe this would help to give you an idea of what specials do on duty. What I did On Duty All the best with your application and good luck!