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  1. Danny1

    PCSO 30th July 2012 intake

    Hi all sorted contract signed and sent back to HR and ready for Training at Spring House starting 30/7/2012, Was just wondering who else got through and was starting on this date. Thanks Dan
  2. Ahhh ok cool, yeah il have to grab some then.
  3. Yeah mate it is indeed. How about you?? also did you get an email explaining that we need to buy our own boots???
  4. Just got my contracts sent through i am starting on the 30th July 2012. Whoop whoop
  5. Hi Charlotte sorry to hear that, And i wish you the best of luck with the MET, Good to see your not giving up. Danny
  6. Yeah that is a point, Iv gotta think about handing my notice in aswell i need to give a months notice and the thing is i go on holiday on the 28th June untill the 9th july but then they do know that as the lady from HR asked me about my notice and holidays.
  7. Yeah thats very true fella very true, Fingers crossed we hear something back soon.
  8. Ahhh really thats not to bad then, How did you find being a Special??
  9. Ahhh great stuff thanks for the info, Feels like iv been going through this process for a year lol. Yeah fingers crossed you to mate. Its at Spring House the training isnt it?? Danny
  10. Hi Just wonderd if anyone out there knew how long it takes for HR to get back to you letting you know if you have been given the ok to start. I have been on my Assesment day and passed i have had my Uniform fitting (at the Ass day), fitness test, also my references have been all done and sent back. Iv had my Medical which the Dr told me there and then that i was fit for Employment but thats the last iv heard iv tried emailing a couple of people who had contacted me regrading my medical and iv had nothing back. I was informed before my Medical that i would be starting training on the 30th July 2012. I just feel abit in no mans land really dont no what to expect or when il be expecting it, Im hoping il get a letter to say that im good start on the 30th. Just wonderd if anyone else out there was in the same situation or knows how long it does take them to get back to us. Any info will be great Thanks Danny
  11. Hi Charlotte Im in the same boat as you at the moment iv had my Ass Day and my uniform fitting on that day aswell iv also had my Medical at Harley Street about 4 and a half weeks ago and the Dr there said to me im Fit for Employment, But yet i havent heard back im on the understanding il be starting on the 30th July aswell. I am a little worried as i have not heard nothing back i have also tried emailing a couple of the people who arranged my medical etc. Really dont know what to think myself either. Thanks Danny Erith
  12. Hi im new to this Forum. Iv got my Assessment Day on Sunday 18th March 2012 at 8:30 at Spring House Holloway Road, Just wondered if anyone could give me any advice on what i should expect from the day as im a little nervous with the test due to i have heard good things and bad things about it all over the Net, And also if anyone else is attending this time for there Assesment. Would be great to hear back from someone. Thanks Danny