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  1. I recently attended a BTP Assessment Presentation and Interview (at the weekend) and was told I didn't pass the mark for PC however I did pass the mark for PCSO. Does anyone know what these are? I was told because it was the same assessment for all that .. (don't know how true this is) 50% and above for specials 55% and above for PCSO's 60% and above for PC's I guess I fell in the 55-59% Bracket as I got offered PCSO and told you've just fallen short, if anyone could clarify that would be brilliant! Also does anyone know if there is a right of appeal or anything? Thank you
  2. Ben93

    Warrant Card Transport ?

    I don't think so, GMPTE is only buses and trams I think
  3. Ben93

    So who's in the system now?

    Support? No offence but if that person is bringing their mum along for support to an information evening they need to re-consider joining the police force!
  4. Ben93


    Oh right, any idea's where to see any of this information?
  5. Ben93


    See I was doing it the other way around you see hat on feet and boots on head! When out on duty the stab vest must always be the first layer over the black top right?
  6. Ben93


    Received it today on the March 14th intake and finding a bit difficult on how to wear, anyone else having this problem? Meaning like what goes on top of what and what items to wear with others?
  7. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Yeah i'm getting the 98 bus
  8. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Nah but it got ticked off the only stuff unavailable for me was speed cuffs and gloves (only because gloves getting custom made)
  9. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Isn't it just mate! Any items unavailable for you guys?
  10. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    They are I think! When is your uniform fitting Alan?
  11. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Yeah was going to ask how smart are you guys going?
  12. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Oh right I may have passed you! Yeah also in B
  13. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Were you the guy I spoke to about A division mate around 11am?
  14. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    Been for uniform fitting this morning, very exciting to see all my kit going into the box!
  15. Ben93

    March 14th Intake

    What happened on it mate? Mine is tomorrow!