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  1. starting my duties on borough next week, can't wait!

  2. death by NCALT..

  3. attestation all over, brilliant day!

  4. 12 hours until attestation, but hey who's counting?

  5. Attesting the day after tomorrow, cannot wait!

  6. attestation next Saturday, training has flown by!

  7. 5 Saturdays left, then attestation. Cannot wait!

  8. half of KEE3 content left to learn then the final exam, can't believe I'm attesting next month!

  9. KEE2 soon, lets do this!

  10. collecting uniform the day after tomorrow, starting to feel slightly more real now! 9 Saturdays remaining.

  11. next hurdle, KEE1. Can't believe how quickly training is going!

  12. Will be nice to have a Saturday off next week, then KEE1 for my next training day

  13. OST3 this Saturday, bring it on!

  14. Training begins 2 weeks tomorrow, cannot wait!

  15. booked onto a training course. Now I've got a date to look forward to, great feeling!