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  1. Hey All, Yet another question. Has anyone here been on a ride along with another force while on holiday? I'm off to America in October and I'm looking to go for a ride along with NYPD, as of now I have got no idea how to set it up. Any ideas or thoughts on how I can go about it? Also if any of you have done this sort of thing before - how did you find the experience? FYI - Serving Special 2 years service
  2. shaunus1989

    Discipline matters!

    Thats the sort of info im looking for, thanks. If I have any more questions I shall PM you. If thats ok
  3. shaunus1989

    Discipline matters!

    Just close the thread please. Was intended for light hearted mistakes made whilst on duty nothing serious.
  4. shaunus1989

    Discipline matters!

    As long as our colleagues tread carefully it should be quite interesting. But yes guy no sensutuve information
  5. shaunus1989

    Discipline matters!

    Right. I shant beat about the bush on this one. Firstly can anyone who has been suspended or dealt with a suspension PM me as I would like some information about the process. Secondly has anyone done something on duty that they have later come to regret? As always guys no names, boroughs, dates or sensitive information
  6. shaunus1989

    Camden (EK)

    As a new special at EK you will be first placed on street duties before you can start doing things like aid, core shifts and response. So you WILL be first based at EO. At the time of writing those officers moving to kentish are still based at Holborn but I think the move will be taking place sooner rather than later. I think everyone is in mixed moods about the LPM. The only way its affected us so far is the fact we can no longer work response (at the moment) but no one has realky worked with the new neighbourhood policing teams yet and core shifts are still practicality the same so we wont know what its really like until we start working with them.
  7. shaunus1989

    Camden (EK)

    Must say I agree with the above posts - as a serving Special Constable on Camden borough I can safely say I believe it is the best place to start a career with the MET. I have friends from training on pretty much every other borough in the MPD and the only one that can offer the diverse challeneges and opportunities that we face in Camden is probably Westminster. Camden has the 5th (or is it 4th? BenBen clear this up for me..... can't remember what the skipper said) biggest night time economy in the country. Therefore you are pretty much kept busy every time you go out on a shift. Don't get me wrong there are times that it can be quite quiet (dependant on weather, if its pay day or not or what day of the week it is) but it most certainly is not a boring place to work. As long as you work hard, listen, and put some effort in then you will enjoy working on EK - even the regulars love us (esspecially when we fill aid for them or fill their numbers on response team when their runing short). And the supervisors are awesome - especialy seeing as one of them is getting to run his own aid serial soon
  8. shaunus1989

    What I Did On Duty

    Cheers mate, there have been longer, more involved shifts, but that one seemed to outline how much stuff you can ctually go through on one shift as a MET special.
  9. shaunus1989

    Proud moment

    Whenever I put on the uniform.
  10. shaunus1989

    Specialist roles ambition.

    Short term- would love to end up doing a stint with the TSG. Long term - probably firearms in some form or anothe
  11. shaunus1989

    Its been a long time coming

    Just a quick update for anybody reading this. As of July 2012, I am now a serving Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police Service. I'm currently working my way to becoming a regular. Fingers crossed
  12. shaunus1989

    What I Did On Duty

    Right, seeing as I have been a SC for a while now, I think its about time I added my own entry to this already detailed chronical of officers experiances. Times might be a bit off as my pocket book isnt to hand but I shall give this my best shot! Date: Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th November 2012 Planned shift: 1800 - 0600 Force: Metropolitan Police Service Rank: Special Constable Service: 4 months 17:30: Get to the station and kit up (after four months of weekly shifts, I'm still not bored of the feeling I get when I put on my duty belt and body armour). Headed up to the MSC floor to book on and to get my radio out. Spent some time answering e-mails and exchanging banter with a few of my colleagues. 17:45: Got into the response team briefing room 15 minutes early (just a brief note for anyone about to go onto response team, this is good practice as it gives you time to introduce yourself to the team skipper if you dont know him/her already and gives you a chance to get to know the team you will be with). Informed by the skipper that I was to be placed on foot patrol with one of the regulars who I have worked with before, and then switching over to a response car with another Special Constable at 01:15 as team 1 are booking off at 0300 and myself and the other Special are on till 0600. 18:30: Got out on a walkabout patrol with my regular colleague. Spent the first ten minutes giving directions to members of the public and keeping vigilant to any suspicious persons on pedal cycles as the area had had a increase in phone snatches and robberies. 19:10: A call comes out over the radio for officers to attend a resedential property that has been burgled. Myself and my colleague put up for the call over the radio and head off to the location. 19:40: Arrive at the location of the burglary. Pretty cut and shut as the VIW knows exactly whats been stolen and has not touched any of the entry points, this means forensics may have a chance of getting any prints they need. Statement taken by my collegaue from the VIW and details of all the missing items taken by me. We give the VIW a victim care card and head back to the station to put the report on. 21:40: Arrive back at the nick with some refs to put on the report for the burglary. 21:55: We get a call over the radio from our inspector asking us to reattend the address of the burglary. The VIW from early had called up stating he had some more information that he wanted to submit to us and also wanted us to see for ourselves. So we quickly finish refs and head back out to the address. Managed to get a lift from one of our teams carriers as it was chucking it down outside by this time. 22:30: We arrive back at the address and the VIW gives us the information that he stated in the call. We take a second statement with the information that he has provided and inform the inspector what we have disscovered. 23:10: We arrive back at the station for the second time to now write up the reort and submit our evidence. As extra details had now come to light, this report was going to take longer than usual, so I informed our skipper that I would be heading out with the other special in the response car as soon as my report was made. 01:10: After myself and my regular colleague had spent the past 2 hours working together to do seperate parts of the report, everything is done. Report is written up correctly for CID, eveidence submitted and the crime number has been sent to the VIW. Team 1 are starting to wind up and filter back for their debrief now so I take a quiet 20 minute break to have a few cigarettes and to phone the girlfriend and then I go down to my locker to dump my custodian and pick up my patrol bag. My favourite part of a night shift is about to begin; response car patrol. 01:35: I meet the Special response driver downstairs in the garrage. I've not worked with this guy before but I met him before todays briefing and we got to know each other a bit - hes a laugh, full of banter so I feel comfortable that the rest of the shift is going to be pretty good. I will be acting as the operator on the MDT today so I made a note of our call sign and chucked my patrol bag in the boot. We made off and commenced our patrol. 01:37: Literally two minutes after getting in the car and logging on to the MDT, a call comes out over the radio for an I grade call. Apparantly there are a couple arguing outside of Kings Cross station and it looks like it could get out of hand, members of the public are concerned that the woman involved might be seriously assaulted so we make our way up there on blues and twos as quick as we can. 01:39: We arrive at Kings Cross and find that the couple are nowhere to be seen. I request to despatch that this matter be passed to BTP incase the couple have entered the station. We cancel the I grade and resume normal patrol up towards Camden Town. 01:45: We get to camden town and just do a few laps. Seems to be the usual Saturday night crowd, slighty rowdy but everything seems to be being kept at peaceful level by the SNT and their microbeats. 01:55: Another I grade call comes out. This time a caller is stating that he has been assaulted by 2 males and that they were still harrassing him. We make our way and gear ourselves up for a possible roll around here. 02.00: We get to the street stated by despatch and we see the caller standing in the middle of the road trying to hail a cab. We pull up and I get out, walk over to him and see whats what. He stated that 2 males had assaulted him on the esstate behind him and they had nocked his chips to the floor. He was totally drunk and seemed confused and wasnt making much sense, but the MET's policing model is about total victim care, so we decide to pursue this and see if we can find the guys. Before I can even get my pocket book out this guy says that he will show us where they are, says "**** this" and legs it in the direction that he says he was assaulted. I gave chase for a good 100 meters before I realised that this is not going anywhere as the guy volted over a fence. I look at my colleague and we just shake our heads and walk back to the car. 02.15: The previous call seemed like a complete waste of time so as we resume patrol in the vehicle we hope for something a bit more exciting to come out over the radio. We soon get our wish as an officers emergency button is pressed and a destress call comes out. a female officer is heard struggling with a reveller and gives her location as a pub in Camden town. We whack on the lights and sirens and get down there, hurtling along the roads at warp 9 to try and help this officer before she gets seriously hurt. 02:18: We get to the scene and there are about 10 officers outside of the pub, the female officer is unhurt but as I get out of the car to survey the scene, I get a shock. The officer was about 5 foot 4, yet she was standing there detaining a huge russian guy that was about 6 foot 5 and built like arnie. This is the sort of things that we officers get involved with and even though the odds are stacked against us, we still are the first to get stuck in. As the details of this guys arrest are made clear to us, we decide to stand by incase something else kicks off, there are plenty of tanked up idiots coming over to have a look at whats gone on and they are not making the situation any better. A seargent then walks over to us and asks us if we have any weapons tubes in our evidence kit. We state that we dont but he shows us the article that they have recovered off of the russian guy anyway. It turns out the guy had a 7 inch butterfly commando knife on him with a locking blade. How he got it past security is anyone's guess but this highlights how the female officer put herself in harms way to protect other people when she saw him pull the blade out. We wait around for a while until the suspect is taken back to the nick, then we head off on patrol again. 02.50: Third I grade call comes out on the radio. Caller states that she lives in a house converted into flats and she can hear angry shouting and someone kicking in a door at the flat above hers. The flat number given for where this is happeneing lists a female occupier that is a known victim of domestic abuse, we whack on the blues and twos again and rush it to get there. 03:00: we get to the call and rack our battons out. We dont know what the situaion is but we know we may have to deffend ourselves due to the nature of the call. We walk down to the flat that was reported to us and all is quiet. The door is ajar and the lights inside the flat are off. I get my torch out and have a look before entering the door, the place is an absoloute tip, cockroaches are runing up the walls and the floor, and month old food is still sitting in the frying pan on the hob, rubbish and fag ends are everywhere. I shout "POLICE, ANYONE THERE?" and wait for a response. None. I then slowly enter through the door with my torch in my left hand and my batton raised raidy to deffend myself, then I get the shock of my life. I turn my torch to the left and standing up against the wall in the doorway is a tall bloke with a completley expressionless face! I jumped out of my skin and nearly struck him with my batton, but grabbed him and robustly got him out of the confined space. My colleague turned the light on and what do you know? It's only matey boy who legged it from us earlier! I gave him a through warning and a ticking off, and decided to search him for going equipped as this wasn't his address. Search came back with nothing but we told him to go home or he would be arrested for drunk and dissorderly. He went home and once we were happy, we decided to head back out on patrol. Disptach had other ideas. 03.22: Back in the car and as soon as we close the doors the I grade call comes over the radio. Caller is a staff member at a NHS hostel for alchoholics and drug users, staff member stated that a couple were arguing in a room and that they could hear screaming. Stated that the coupld in that room were known to be in a violent and abusive relationship. So we put up for this as we were 2 minutes round the corner. 03.23: Arrive on scene. The member of staff takes us up to the room with 2 regular colleagues that turned up to assist us. We knock on the door and one of the regulars cuffs the guy as soon as he answeres. We go in to see whats going on. 03.24: The girlfriend made no allegeation of domestic abuse on this occasion and stated that he had not done anything wrong, we were not happy that this was the case and were trying to get as much info out of her as possible, when one of the regulars comes up to me and informs me that the boyfriend is going to be arrested for affray as an allegation has been made by a man in the room next door. I volunteer myself to be the arressting officer. 03.27: ARREST: After my colleague explains to the guy whats happening, I tell him that he is under arrest for affray, and recite the caution back to him and gave him the reason for his arrest. We placed him into the car and esscorted him to custody. 03.40: Arrive back at custody, thankfully its at my station so when I book off I wont have to travel for a million miles to another station to get home. I present my prisoner to the Custody Seargent and get him booked in. I place all of his property into secure bags and store it for him, then place him in the cell to complete my EAB and then do a hand over file so the Case progression unit can deal with this in the morning - I'm off home at 6 and it's going to take untill then to finish my notes... there is no way I'm interviewing this guy being as tired as I am. 05.30: Notes finally complete and handover file finished. I go down to custody and hand it to the custody skipper who places it with the prisoners file for the CPU in the morning. I still have to wait around for the train home but my shift is over. 06.00: Booked off shift and waited for the trains to start up. Very tired but thrilled to get anothr arrest for my SOROC book and to have dealt with some decent stuff. Not the most exciting shift but it outlines a basic 12 hour shift on a friday or saturday night. My borough in London has the 4th biggest night time economy in the country so we are always up to ears with calls.
  13. shaunus1989

    A decent pair of gloves in london?

    Right I'm gona check that out thanks guys
  14. shaunus1989

    A decent pair of gloves in london?

    Well thats something I didnt know, you can just pop along to their offices and try stuff on? Legend.
  15. Right before I start I know that this will probably be moved to kit corner, but since I specifically need fellow Londoners help on this one, I've decided to whack it in the MET section...... Mods, feel free to move it. I have been trying to find a store somewhere in London that sells decent gloves that I can wear whilst on duty (the ones the MET supplied me with were too big and really uncomfortable). When I say gloves..... I mean something along the lines of what you can get on patrol store, rather than what you can buy from a camping shop like blacks. Ah so many of you would wonder why I dont just buy a pair online? Well I have this problem of having really annoyingly sized hands, their not quite a medium but their not quite a large, there in between, so I need to try gloves on before I buy them. Theres my issue. So - help from fellow MET officers who have had a similar problem or just can direct me to a shop in London would be AMAZING. Thanks