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  1. Kevin2

    Shaping a Flat Cap

    Reshaping the wire at the top will do nothing to change the way the hat fits. How could it? You will only make the hat look ridiculous and the wire is notoriously difficult to get back into its original shape if you mess around with it.
  2. Kevin2

    Shaping a Flat Cap

    Here's something I know the answer for. Wrap some string around the two studs that hold on the chin strap (the black plastic band that goes around the front of the cap under the force crest). Pull the string tight so that the two studs are almost back to back. Leave it like this for a day or two. When you take the string off the shape will be held. It will look a bit extreme but you'll be able to get it on your head and will then look normal. You'll only have to bend the peak a small bit back into shape. I learned this from an old sweat and I do it to every new cap I get. I used to have constant issues with the cap rising from my head and having to constantly pull it back down before I found out about this trick.
  3. Video of the incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddqZOI47EII Looks to me that he was trying to clear a path for the removal of the arrested woman. What are you supposed to do to remove people obstructing you? Are you supposed to take the extra risk to yourself and to them by going hands on? Is there not an argument for the preference of using CS because it's effective without leaving any injuries to the person?
  4. He'd be getting away with openly treating the police with contempt and wasting police time. If he didn't call him an idiot and just said "Oh right, anything else I can help you with?" you can be guaranteed it would have made it to YouTube to show how the police are a push over. Flagging down police vehicles to ask sarcastic questions is idiotic. He's an idiot. I don't go around calling everyone an idiot but in that case he earned it. I don't see what's wrong with police officers being human and telling people in language they understand that their behaviour is unacceptable.
  5. To me that's just letting him get away with it and allowing yourself to be walked on. I'm not happy to be made a laughing stock of and I'd rather confront snide derogatory behaviour with a firmer response.
  6. Yea but that's not answering the question. What would YOU do and say?
  7. For everyone who said the officer in the second video was wrong in calling the fella an idiot, what would you have done and said in the same scenario? The guy has flagged the officer down in difficult traffic conditions. If it was me I would be expecting him to be trying to report a priority incident. Then to finally find a safe place to pull in and be met with petty and trivial questions with no other purpose than to annoy and goad the officer what should he have said? "Oh, you're just trying to annoy me? Sorry, I thought you were trying to stop me to report something urgent. I'm an idiot. Well bye then." What's the correct response?
  8. Kevin2

    Meet the Commissioner Ch. 4

    She reminds me so much of a female version of David Brent from the office.
  9. Kevin2

    TV show to make stars of new Cheshire Specials

    Is there a reason why all the special's radio holders are blue compared to the regulars black ones?
  10. Kevin2

    Body Worn Video!

    The ones on the BBC news were the Taser Axon Body version (http://www.taser.com/products/on-officer-video/axon-body-on-officer-video). The footage shown of the domestic must have been from a different model because it was crystsl clear. Does anyone know which model it came from?
  11. Kevin2

    Female officers wearing flat caps?

    Is there anything to be said for these types of hat? Sweden France They are easy to fold flat and store when not needed like in a car or when needed to transition to nato helmet. Very practicle but also look smart.
  12. Kevin2

    Career highlight TV Show

    Just be sure you're prepared to have everything you do on the programme examined in fine detail and your decisions ripped to shreds by members on this forum.
  13. Kevin2


    What annoyed me the most was the officer in the second video at the traffic collision. It pains me to see people wearing a kit belt around their stomach rather than around their waist. That and the radio static which doesn't exist anymore.
  14. Kevin2

    2 CS canisters?

    That's crazy. I couldn't justify carrying another three sets of cuffs when you take into consideration the extra weight and the liklihood of needing to detain that many people at once. Regarding the can of bite back, I would put it in a standard holder rather than the Peter Jones one because as someone else pointed out, in a high stress situation you wouldn't want to be spraying the wrong thing and having a different holder might prevent that.... and it wouldn't look so weird.