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  1. Blandy

    Experiences at Hendon

    Ironically I still say the training I had as an MSC on the old course was better than what I received as a PC....
  2. Blandy

    MPS Attestation

    You get your warrant cards at the beginning of your street duties phase at the end of week 12/13
  3. Blandy

    MSC-PC Training Course

    Nope. BOCU’s are a lottery which can’t be changed unless you have a serious reason why. Even then it’s difficult.
  4. Blandy

    Status codes

    Nope. We just say what we're dealing with/arrived at/ on way to.
  5. Blandy

    MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    Whilst some of that's true it's also a very anti MSC post from what I can take from it. I do however hope I've misinterpreted it. Your MSC experience does actually play a big part in it considering the training so bad that trainers on my course asked MSC to teach certain elements as they didn't want to/have the time to. It's also vastly helped me going back as I've got contacts from working before who've now given me attachements to quite sorted units. The fact is the MSC is tarnished very much by the whole well some MSC are crap so they're all crap. Perhaps if they upped the recruitment criteria rather than kept lowering the pass mark to get more officers in the bad ones wouldn't get through....
  6. Blandy

    MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    Like £29863? Think that's it.
  7. Blandy

    MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    Yes and yes. They don't care. Went being told I was on an 8 week conversion course. First day they said you'll be doing the full 18weeks as specials don't know anything....
  8. Blandy

    MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    You get your full salary at training. Also if your an Msc you will still have to re do everything.
  9. Blandy

    MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    That's changed from mine. I finished at Hendon 3 months ago and we had to do everything all over again including OST and ELS.
  10. Blandy


    Yeah I did. Know your legislation as you won't be taught any at training. When I say none I literally mean none.
  11. Blandy


    The second one is the recommended one for training. Having just completed training we used that. They also do a smaller version which a lot of people also used.
  12. Blandy

    Sovereign gate parking

    Aaron were on the same course. I've been looking for parking too, however looks like it'll be a nightmare!
  13. Blandy

    Borough vs Sector

    It all varies Borough to Borough.
  14. Blandy

    Borough vs Sector

    A borough is for example the whole London borough. There's 32 in London. Each borough is broken down into sectors such as N, S, E and W then each sector is usually broken down into the individual wards.
  15. Blandy

    MSC eligibility

    Done the recent MSC Review was completed.